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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 8/31/2005 12:40:25 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 8/31/2005 12:40:52 PM EDT by abnk]
The bolt cam pin is a real pain to remove. I have to pry it out with a screwdriver - process which normally takes about 10-15 (sometimes faster). It's been like that since the beginning, but I figured it would get better with use. I have put about 1000 rds through it so far with no hick-ups. Everytime I clean it, I see more wear on the bolt cam pin. Will this lead to problems? Shoud I be worried about abnormal wear on the bolt assembly or about the proper cycle of the weapon? Thanks.

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Link Posted: 8/31/2005 3:00:51 PM EDT
New cam pins can be a pain to remove, but after 1000rds that sucker should be loose so that you can remove it with finger pressure.

As far as wear, just clean and inspect for cracks after each range session.

Are you lubing the cam pin sufficiently enough? This is a high wear area that should get proper lube. I’m not stingy when it comes to squirting CLP on the bolt, gas rings or cam pin.
Link Posted: 9/1/2005 6:32:11 AM EDT
Link Posted: 9/1/2005 11:59:11 AM EDT
Yes, the cam pin moves freely in the bolt in and out of the bolt carrier. What makes it hard to extract is the head of cam pin touching the carrier's gas tube (nomen.?).
Link Posted: 9/1/2005 12:10:56 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/1/2005 12:12:40 PM EDT by QUIB]
Well that’s a different story. If the cam pin is interfering with the carrier key on removal, you might want to get some very fine sandpaper, 3-1 oil and on a flat surface lap the ends of the cam pin untill you get the clearance you need. This would only be a last ditch effort, you might want to buy a new cam pin if it truly is interfering.

I would think with a little playing around you should be able to get the cam pin out.

This is a new one though, a first I believe.

Do you concur Tweak?
Link Posted: 9/1/2005 1:18:17 PM EDT
Jewelers flat file and the some time on the relief cut on the key will solve the problem.
Chances are the relief cut was made too shallow on the key and the reason for the interference.
Couple of draw cuts followed by a few straight draws and it’s a done deal (read you don't even need to remove the key from the carrier). If you really want, some cold bluing and you will be the only one that knows that it was corrected.
Link Posted: 9/3/2005 10:04:23 AM EDT
Link Posted: 9/4/2005 11:39:50 AM EDT
Thanks all. I will try a different cam pin, and if the same problem occurs, I will try filing the relief cut. Thanks again.
Link Posted: 9/4/2005 8:23:00 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/5/2005 12:10:59 AM EDT by Dano523]
Cams should all be the same width, they are the part that tracks down the upper receiver slot,

Take a file to correct the key and get over it.
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