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Posted: 10/31/2004 11:52:02 AM EDT
Looking for an Oly 9mm upper in pre-ban configuration.
Link Posted: 10/31/2004 11:58:16 AM EDT
Me too,only I live in CT so I need post ban. Rock river,Oly,American Spirt Arms (ASA) would all be ok with me as long as it runs ok
Link Posted: 10/31/2004 6:03:30 PM EDT
Spray try OLY directly. Or maybe on the EE might find one used. Maybe Budam has them.

NHSport, I also live in CT so I'm stuck with post ban. I pickedup a new OLY upper on the EE last Spring it was a bargain came with socom block, stem mags and a comp. I've got a 2nd one but that is a complete OLY I bought new. I got my complete OLY from D'Andreas in Stratford it might be worth a call to see if he has any.
Link Posted: 11/1/2004 1:47:37 PM EDT
Thanks BOBK
How has your oly been running? shot it much?
I really think I want an upper to go with all my other AR stuff.
I shoot some plate shoots in wallingford and about once a month we run a pistol caliber carbine shoot.Some of the guys who come shoot 9mmARs and some run and some don't.   I think the ones which don't run well are mostly parts and pieces or have some mag/mag block issues.
All I need is 15-20 shots that I can crank off in a row, (realy only 8 or 9,there is only five plates) I don't care about bolt hold open but reliability is a must. These plate shoots only take a couple of seconds per run and even a faliure to feed will screw you because by the time you grab the charging handle to clear the match is over .   My problem with buying on EE is I hardly know what is what  (with 9mm types) and what to stay away from.     Thanks again
Link Posted: 11/1/2004 1:50:49 PM EDT
I've been watching the EE for a while. Going direct is definately a possibility. I thought I had read that someone was blowing them out, but can't remember who.
Link Posted: 11/1/2004 2:34:00 PM EDT
2-3 week wait from oyl
Link Posted: 11/2/2004 4:53:31 AM EDT
nhsport, The AR I have used the most is an A2 oly upper on a DPMS carbine lower.  All I did was put the 2 halves together. Didn't change a thing on my lower. This gun has about 4-5k through it, mostly Win white box and some Wolf with this ammo combination I have had no FTF or FTE. My typical trip to the range is dumping 8 sten mags then I reload. Up until this past Saturday I didn't experience any malfunctions. However this past range trip I had a couple of doubles and we'll see if it happens again  on my next trip. My AR doesn't like Blazer(aluminum cased ammo) other than that it eats everything I throw at it. I have a 2nd AR a complete OLY that I keep in reserve.
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