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Posted: 12/30/2002 6:43:22 PM EDT
I did a search and didn't find this question anywhere!  Which of the USGI mags are considered the best in terms of overall fit, finish and function?  I've read that the Parsons/Adventurline/Centers seem to have a decent moly finish but many say that the Okay Ind. are very good as well.  Is there any one "brand" of USGI mag that stands above the rest?  Could you rank them in order..say from 1 - 5 or something?


Link Posted: 12/30/2002 6:52:13 PM EDT
There is no rank, they are all the same, most are made by the same companies anyway.

There are idiots who will pay 50 bucks for Colt mags, but they are no different than any others.  Do not waste your money on a more expensive Colt.
Link Posted: 12/30/2002 7:00:01 PM EDT
All USGI are good- keep an eye on the condition of the feed lips though. The only original USGI manufacturer to beware of is Cooper mags- though some are ok, some were not, and they were to be recalled and destroyed as I recall. Some escaped.

I am personally fond of Parsons, for no good reason.... [:D]
Link Posted: 12/30/2002 7:18:25 PM EDT
The main problem with some of the Cooper mags was that they only had 3 spot welds on each edge instead of the required 6. I have seen some Coopers with the 6 so you just have to see them ahead of time. Some people will complain about different brands but I have found them all to work just fine.
Link Posted: 12/31/2002 8:26:29 AM EDT
I have heard of the problems with Cooper mags, but have not experienced it myself.  Pretty much all of the USGI mags are good.  Stay away from Colt unless you just want to pay twice as much for the same mag.  It's really a matter of personal preference.  I have a buddy who swears by LaBelle mags, but they are all pretty much the same.
Link Posted: 12/31/2002 8:34:21 AM EDT
Of course the lame Cooper mags could always be sold on ebay as "rare" [:D]
Link Posted: 1/3/2003 5:04:18 AM EDT
I own two Cooper mags.  Both have the required number of welds.  One of them works perfectly and drops free, the other is too "long" and won't drop free.  I can kind of see where the poor spot welding allowed the overlapping aluminum to not be as flush as it should be.
Link Posted: 1/4/2003 6:13:02 AM EDT
Magazine floor plates can easily be changed, I can turn 3-weld Coopers into anyother brand I want in a few seconds.  Count your welds.

These magazines are almost all made on the [i]same machinery[/i] which gets trucked to whoever has the current contract, or stays where it is and acts as a [i]subcontractor[/i] for whoever has the contractor.

For example, the UI on the front of "Colt's" USGI 20 round mags is Universal Industries who made them.  As they made their own.

-- Chuck
Link Posted: 1/4/2003 12:31:12 PM EDT
Link Posted: 1/7/2003 11:50:03 AM EDT
Yeah, Colt's are for investors, and the other USGI mags are for shooters.
Link Posted: 1/7/2003 12:46:52 PM EDT
For no particular reason, I buy more Sanchez and Okay than anything else.  
Link Posted: 1/7/2003 9:59:57 PM EDT
I don't know if these are USGI but I've had really good luck with FN mags for my Bushy.

Bang [8p]
Link Posted: 1/8/2003 2:36:48 AM EDT

Where can I get FN mags?

Link Posted: 1/8/2003 7:29:21 AM EDT

   The ones I found I got at a gun show in Portland, OR.

Bang [8p]
Link Posted: 1/8/2003 8:24:01 AM EDT
I like my Sanchez's just fine. Dont think there is a "best" though. What works for your Oly, might not be the brand that works best in my Bushy.

I think they're (USGI mags anyway) all pretty much the same though, they have to be within spec to get the contract to produce the mags.

Link Posted: 1/8/2003 9:08:17 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 1/8/2003 9:11:05 AM EDT by Bang]
Follow the link Troy gave. Lots of good info.

Bang [8p]
Mag FAQ: [url]http://magfaq.tripod.com/[/url]
Link Posted: 1/8/2003 11:50:02 AM EDT
Thanks for the replies.  I've already been through the mag FAQ but was just wondering if anyone had an opinion on the best of the USGI mags in terms of function and finish.

Link Posted: 1/10/2003 11:27:44 AM EDT
I would say 95 % of my mags are Okays or FN. No problems at all.
Link Posted: 1/10/2003 11:31:27 AM EDT
Link Posted: 1/10/2003 11:43:59 AM EDT
You won't be able to tell a Cooper from any other mag if it is within spec.  I recommend checking all your mags for the number of welds and alignment of the two mag body halves (in addition to the usual bent/cracked feed lips, dents, etc).  I would use Cooper mags once I've put them through my own "quality assurance" process.  
Link Posted: 1/10/2003 11:48:06 AM EDT
Originally Posted By RAMBOSKY:

Where can I get FN mags?

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Ditto that.  I've been trying to find FN mags with no luck.  Has anybody come up with a source or photo of those weird Israeli hex nut mags?
Link Posted: 1/10/2003 4:07:53 PM EDT
I think I have a rare cooper 3 weld that is NIW. I need to dig it out and sell it for $100 or so.
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