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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 10/23/2002 11:02:15 AM EST
What I am looking for is something similar to the RRA "Tactical Entry Upper", post ban, but maybe at a lower price tag than $565 plus shipping.

I see that J&T has M4 type uppers, but theirs comes without a site, and they lie about their prices. You see the M4 or any other type upper for an advertized price, but then when you add it to your basket, they add $50 because it is post ban? WTF? If anything, the pre-ban is the one that is getting more rare, and would demand a premium...

And the J&T does not come with the rear site if you order the flat top model, as it comes with the RRA model.

Is this moot? Is the RRA one I mentioned about the best I can get? Are there even any other options worth considering?

By the time I am done with shipping, I am looking at $600 or so, and I think that is a bit high for just part of a rifle...

Or should I consider a flat top bull barrel upper? I already gave a 16" carbine A1 upper, so I guess that getting an M4 type is really not gonna be all that different...

So looking for a cheap but decent 16"-20" flat top bull barrel varmint type, what are my best choices?

Link Posted: 10/23/2002 11:11:26 AM EST
[Last Edit: 10/23/2002 11:11:42 AM EST by Guntoting_Spartan]
try www.sableco.com

chrome LINED m4 upper WITH detachable tact handle for under 600
Link Posted: 10/23/2002 11:55:46 AM EST
RRA is about the best quality for the price it is asking for. for what you are looking ofr, I would just get a flat top upper for your 16inch A1 upper. get some BUIS and an optic of it. then you can go with a 16 or 20 inch bull barrel upper from RRA, at about 550 dollars, it is got to be one of the best deal on themarket. also i would suggest looking around at the Olympic web site, they also make some decent uppers that might sutie your needs.

Good luck.
Link Posted: 10/23/2002 12:27:54 PM EST
Consider $565.00 shipped a Deal... A colt will cost you around $900.00 complete sometimes.
Link Posted: 10/23/2002 7:19:22 PM EST
Well, it looks like I am going 1 of 2 ways.

I will either order the 20" RRR Varmint EOP upper.


I will order this upper for $699 and just wait till my next paycheck...


What do you guys think? Is the Wilson worth the extra $180?
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