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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 7/8/2003 5:56:27 AM EST
I have a XM15 E2S A3 20 bushmaster.

I am removing the carry handle, and mounting an Aimpoint® CompML2.

1. What type of mount should I use?

2. What type of flip-up rear sites should I install?

Input appreciated! Thanks.
Link Posted: 7/8/2003 6:01:51 AM EST
Link Posted: 7/8/2003 6:02:33 AM EST
IMHO ARMS #38EX (includes flipup) with #22M68 mounted all the way to the front over the D-ring. somebody has a pick of this I bet. You dont need a spacer for the #22M68 with this set up, very low profile (read as: doesnt snag easily) cp
Link Posted: 7/8/2003 6:10:10 AM EST
I have a #38 Standard and the stock Aimpoint mount, for now. I'm planning on getting a 22M68.. I have mine mounted at the end of the #38STD...I don't have a problem with the Aimpoint being a little closer, if fact I shot it yesterday and it worked out fine...... If you can, look through a couple of different setups and choose the best for you...
Link Posted: 7/8/2003 6:16:43 AM EST
[img]HTTP://users.adelphia.net/~masine/38ex.jpg[/img] Arms38ex. #22M68 thro level mount........UNDERDOG
Link Posted: 7/8/2003 6:42:52 AM EST
Link Posted: 7/8/2003 6:48:50 AM EST
Thanks, outof curiosity, what does the rear site look like on that one? Does is come with the mount?
Link Posted: 7/8/2003 6:59:50 AM EST
[Last Edit: 7/8/2003 7:05:04 AM EST by underdog75]
Rear sight on the 38ex. is part of the mount and is an exact copy of the arms#40 flip up.........underdog [img]HTTP://users.adelphia.net/~masine/ex.jpg[/img]
Link Posted: 7/8/2003 7:11:10 AM EST
Never mind, I just googled it and got a pick, it is the "swan sleave" config. Thanks!
Link Posted: 7/8/2003 8:42:36 AM EST
Thanks for the pics...much easier to visualize now. How do you like the setup?
Link Posted: 7/8/2003 9:26:33 AM EST
[Last Edit: 7/8/2003 9:26:52 AM EST by underdog75]
That is not my rifle......Just a pic i picked up somewhere....But i do have the same setup on my 9mm AR15..And like it alot....Adds a little heft to the middle/end of the rifle so depending on your balance now....Also the top pic shows how much material must be removed on the upper forearm to clear the 38ex when using M4 forearms.....Also if you use any arms SWAN rail on 9mm colt style rifles you must clearence the brass deflector a little........UNDERDOG
Link Posted: 7/8/2003 9:31:45 AM EST
Link Posted: 7/8/2003 9:38:54 AM EST
Originally Posted By Troy: You don't need a whole SWAN Sleeve. That adds a lot of extra weight. All you need is the #22M68 and the cantilever spacer. [url]photos.ar15.com/ImageGallery/Attachments/DownloadAttach.asp?iImageUnq=12571[/url] -Troy
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And a ARMS#40 BUIS right troy[beer]
Link Posted: 7/8/2003 4:20:24 PM EST
Link Posted: 7/8/2003 6:56:32 PM EST
[Last Edit: 7/8/2003 6:58:09 PM EST by IronBalaclava]
Aimpoint QRP "Rail Grabber". Holds zero very well after mounting dismounting. Built in torqing/tightening knob, and is the most widely issued rail in the U.S. military(SOPMOD package). Having said that, GGG, Knights, ARMS make top knotch mounts and I would'nt hesistate going with any of their Cantilever mounts. Edited to Add: Yeah, and an ARMS #40 will properly cowitness will all of the above. It's my favorite BUIS.
Link Posted: 7/8/2003 7:09:04 PM EST
ARMS 22M68 Extended mount ARMS 40 BUIS [img]http://photos.ar15.com/WS_Content/ImageGallery/Attachments/DownloadAttach.asp?sAccountUnq=24926&iGalleryUnq=235&iImageUnq=12668[/img]
Link Posted: 7/8/2003 8:18:18 PM EST
Get the S.I.R. 50 and a 22M68. You will be ready to rock. Add a # 40 BU too.
Link Posted: 7/9/2003 3:45:43 AM EST
As for the Swan sleeve adding weight, I have one, don't feel any extra weight.. Now that we all told you what to do, get what is right for [i]you[/i]....it is [i]your[/i] gun anyway.....
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