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Posted: 9/21/2004 11:43:20 AM EDT
Well, since double8 was so kind as to let me slip his Ciener .22 Conversion into my rifle last weekend at the CMMG shoot, I am hot to get one. A buddy said he thought he had read something about problems with leading in the barrel from shooting the un-jacketed .22 rounds. Can anyone tell me if this is a concern, and what I should be aware of before I go dowm this road? Thanks!
Link Posted: 9/21/2004 12:40:07 PM EDT
Just shoot copper-washed .22s and quit worrying about it. The Federal Bulk stuff sold at Walmart qualifies, as do the excellent Winchester Dynapoints.
Link Posted: 9/21/2004 3:05:50 PM EDT
CLEAN BORE make a "lead Removal Cloth", this is packaged and sold like a silicon cleaning cloth.. Get one, cut it into cleaning patch sizez, and run thru the bore.. The work great in .22LRs...
Link Posted: 9/21/2004 3:14:47 PM EDT
If you just shoot copper wash (plated stuff like Mini Mags,Rem golden ect) you will be ok. But.........
I am allways the guy asking why and why not.So I had to try some of the plain lead stuff like cheep federal,
Wolf MT and CCI standard and CCI Blazer.In my ceiner the standard vel stuff outshoots most all the high vel stuff by a wide margin.Mini Mags shoot about a 1 7 /8" group at 50yd ,some batches of Rem Golden worse,some about the same,Dynapoints bad at close to 3".The only good high vel stuff is the PMC Zapper which shot about 1 3/8".CCI blazer not horrible at close to the zapper,CCI Standard shot a little over a inch
and WOLF MT shoots an honest 3/4-7/8". I am takeing my time with a rest and a good scope but I think this is decent for a factory BM 1/9 barrel and a Rock River NM trigger. Ten shots @ 50YD. To answer your guestion I have not seen any lead buildup, a couple quick patches with Butches Bore Shine and everything looks like new.A barrel that had a heavy copper buildup to start with might strip some lead but I am fairly lax and my barrel had some rounds of .223 before I shot the ceiner. The ceiner being a blowback does
throw a bunch of gritty junk down into the trigger and I will feel guilty if I don't get a chance to clean that from time to time. I blow with air,blast with Gun scrubber or the like to flow the grit out and then re lube.
Try all the ammo you have,the results may surprise you
Now if Ceiner or whoever would just fire up the 30rd mag assembly line I would be happy.
Link Posted: 9/21/2004 5:34:01 PM EDT
Thanks for all the good news. I read in another thread that Ciener was ready to sell 30-rnd mags. I will call them in the morning and post back with whatever I find out. Thanks again! --Buck
Link Posted: 9/21/2004 5:51:13 PM EDT

Not to steal here, but that Wolf .22lr ammo is some really good stuff.. Don't think of it as cheap ammo, it surpasses Federal Gold Medal in my opinion.. BTW it's made in Germany..
Link Posted: 9/22/2004 8:52:42 AM EDT
I leaded my barrel to the point I couldn't get a cleaning rod to fit in the barrel. I don't know how the bullets were getting out. I'm thinking they were .177 by the time they exited the barrel. Here are some things I did wrong. 1. I used the .22 kit after the barrel was hot from 5.56mm. 2. I used non-copper washed bullets. 3. I did multiple 30 round mag dumps on full auto. I think it is safe to assume that any one of the above could cause leading. Something interesting I learned was that most of the leading occured on the outer half of my 14.5" barrel. You might assume that a short barrel is less prone to leading than a long barrel. Not sure, but it is a possible theory.
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