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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 1/20/2014 8:37:34 AM EDT
Shot Show 2014 www.TexasGunTrust.com: B.E. Meyers Recoil

I met some of the BE Meyers guys and had a look at the RECOIL that was mounted on a Hodge Defense Systems, LLC AU-Mod1 rifle.

The recoil is a compact GLARE MOUT. This is an occular interrupter.

RECOIL is short for Regulated Emission Collimated Ocular Interruption Laser (RECOIL). This is BE Meyers' winning entry for the Marine Corps' Ocular Interrupter Program. It is a "weapon borne non-lethal laser that delivers a bright beam of light that produces a dazzling or glare effect on a closing target to warn and/or suppress potential threats through increasing levels of visual degradation."

The interesting and innovative thing about the RECOIL is that it automatically varies the power of the laser based on the distance to the target being painted.

"It features constant EyeSafe technology that delivers the precise amount of laser light to the target no matter if they are as close as 0 meters or as far out as 2,000 meters. That right amount is as determined by the standard irradiance guidelines established by US Navy S&T. It does this by determining the distance to the target and raising or lowering the irradiance (power of the beam) based on that distance. This means constant maximum allowable power on target and constant safe power and target."

Fun stuff.

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