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9/23/2020 3:47:02 PM
Posted: 6/8/2011 1:45:10 PM EDT
I am looking to upgrade the barrel on my S & W to a stainless.  I am looking at the Bravo Co. stuff, and have a couple of questions.  The 2 that I am looking at are the 18" medium, and the 20" SAMR fluted.  I want to shoot the 75 and 77 gr. stuff, and will primarily be killing piggies and paper with it.  I would assume that there is gonna be a weight difference, but is there a performance difference?  I like the SAMR, I think, but am I making a $400 mistake???  I would actually like to hear pretty much anybody's experience with any of the BCM stainless barrels.  Thanks for the help guys!  Take care, 9080
Link Posted: 6/8/2011 3:25:03 PM EDT
I just got a new BCM SS 18" mid weight. Test fired it Saturday with a non-optimized 69gr SMK/AA2230 load. Shot 1" at 200yards. I'm happy.
Link Posted: 6/9/2011 8:24:59 AM EDT
I have a 16" and 18" BCM SS Barrel.  Both are top quality.  I was shooting steel at 500 Yards this weekend with the 18" The plate 12X12.  That was with 55gr Bulk Bullets.  I would buy another with no issues.

Link Posted: 6/9/2011 1:50:19 PM EDT
I have a 16" and i'm happy with it. I can hit head size steel plates at 200 yards with irons using cheap ammo like pmc 55 grain.
Link Posted: 6/9/2011 5:37:54 PM EDT
I shot a Walnut at a thousand yards with my BCM Barrel... Just kidding had to say it. I have never shot one, but you never hear anything bad about them. I am deff going to put one on my next build.
Link Posted: 6/10/2011 2:42:48 PM EDT
I used a non fluted 20'' SAM-R barrel for my 3-gun rifle.  

It's a sweet shooter.

Link Posted: 6/14/2011 11:01:40 AM EDT
Originally Posted By Vespid_Wasp:
I used a non fluted 20'' SAM-R barrel for my 3-gun rifle.  

It's a sweet shooter.



Wow, that looks like a heavy barrel.
Link Posted: 6/14/2011 11:05:13 AM EDT
16" ion-bonded mid-length barrel went on mine.  Shoots better than I do.
Link Posted: 6/22/2011 5:54:58 AM EDT
I have a 16" ion-bonded SS mid-length barrel that has been set up with iron sights, though I just put an EOTech on the rifle.  My local range has 50 and 100 yard distances, and at those, it shoots quite well (ie accurately)  I have run the gun through two half day AR classess (about 500 rounds each) with no issues.  

It sounds like your set up will be different, but for the sake of "more info is better," I will say that the barrel does have some heft to it.  Nowhere near as heavy as my 20" SS heavy (Rock River).  But I am storing a friends LMT Defender Standard Model 16 (which is carbine length, with standard barrel grip vs my Magpul), and that rifle swings up much easier; presumably becuase of the lighter barrel.  

When I bought the barrel (as a complete upper), I wanted an accurate shooter––hence the SS.  If I were to do it again, I might go with a lighter, chrome moly barrel and save on the weight.  Plus, I'm not sure my skill or stye of shooting would make any decrease in accuracy an issue...
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