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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 12/8/2002 11:17:52 AM EDT
Hi all.

I have been gathering information to make an SPR rifle setup. One item that causes a lot of various responses is, which free-float forend to use. I have seen KAC and PRI as the 2 top choices. I would like some opinions on the Armalite fiberglass tube. One main difference is that KAC & PRI have rail capabilities, however for me other then adding a bipod accessory to the forend I really don't have the need for rails at this time. My main concern is strength, it will not see "battle stress" but I want it to have the same properties. Aluminum tubes don't seem to fit that bill.
Link Posted: 12/8/2002 11:56:46 PM EDT
It's a nice tube for the price, but if you are really gonna do the SPR thing, the carbon fiber tube is the way to go...
Link Posted: 12/9/2002 1:37:58 AM EDT
If you're not willing to drop the $ on the PRI tube, I think the Hiperform one (also carbon fiber) looks pretty good. I'm considering this one for my .50AE project (after the Holidays, Tony.)
Link Posted: 12/9/2002 7:55:38 AM EDT
I built a SPR CLone using a Youngs MFG Aluminum FF tube. It had the full length rail on top and the accessory rails and it looked pretty good. But when I got the money together to buy the new PRI Tube and ARMS rail. It is a world of difference. It ain't cheap. But it is top quality kit and looks terrific. I will post pics when it comes back from the gunsmith.
Link Posted: 12/9/2002 6:52:49 PM EDT
Thanks for the alternative mfgs. I would love to get the PRI & ARMS setup. The thing with all these nice projects, is that for me being in Canada it is difficult to find suppliers for some of these items. The main problem is the Export permit requirement. The Armalite tube I can get for 185$ cdn vs ~ $350us for the PRI (~~ $525 cdn) I don't know of a Canadian supplier at this time. I would also like to get a RAS for my M4 bushy, I saw an add for some at ~$650 cdn. That's why, at least for now, the Armalite tube could fit the bill. The other option I am considering is selling my Colt HBAR ( which I was going to use for the SPR ) and use the money to gear up my M4. I hate the idea of selling a gun but the good stuff is so %$^$ expensive. On a different note, do some of the US suppliers cater to Canadian customers ?? Or do some of you know of some Canadian suppliers ?? So far I have dealt with Canadian suppliers - Police Ordnance (Bushmaster, Glock & Trijicon) and Wolverine supplies (Armalite, Arms ..).
Link Posted: 12/9/2002 8:56:48 PM EDT
give wes at MSTN a call or Pete-in -NH. they both sell all the stuff your looking for.
Link Posted: 12/9/2002 9:43:09 PM EDT
Furet, Try the James's @ The Shooting Edge [url]http://www.theshootingedge.com/[/url] They have some good stuff. I think they might have a RAS lying around. They stock DPMS, SIG etc. (probably were you saw it for $650 IIRC) I have a PRI setup, great piece of kit, and I like the Knights FFRAS just as well. -Kevin
Link Posted: 12/10/2002 6:41:43 PM EDT
Thanks Davekenrem and CT. CT - The shooting edge has no stock, nor do they expect any items from KAC or PRI I e-mailed MSTN for international shipping requirements, I will see if it is possible to get some accessories without to much government hasle. -Rodney
Link Posted: 12/18/2002 1:29:11 PM EDT
Hello Furet and Kevin. First I want to apologize for some of my fellow U.S. citizens bitching about a Canadian singing "God Bless America" at that 9/11 memorial. I am by no means the smartest kid on the block, but I remember enough grade-school geography to know that Canada and the U.S. are BOTH in America. HELLO ?!? McFLY ?!?!? I also served in a few of the little bush wars the U.S. has been involved in over the past couple decades and appreciated the Canadian troops who always seemed to be there holding up their end. 'nuff soap box. Anyway, a couple years back I was building a couple SPR's or whatever you call them, and I wanted to use the Armalite tube for the really cool positive index design they have. Problem was the quality control was awful, like non-existent. I went through ten (THAT's TEN, one-zero!!) tubes and never did get one worth a crap. I finally did up some mechanical drawings detailing all the various screwups and sent them to the president, Mark Westrom. I got a reply back from the vice-president assuring me they would look into the problem. I haven't heard back from them in two years so I guess they didn't feel it was worth the effort to fix. If I'm gonna pay 90 bones for a fiberglass tube it damn well ought to be straight. Of course, I'm out more money than that shipping TEN bad tubes back and forth. I like Knights if repeatable indexing is important. Maybe that ColdBlue leatherneck can help you with a local distributor.
Link Posted: 12/18/2002 6:20:26 PM EDT
The PRI KAC tubes are real straight, but remember no tube is going to be indexed for perfect alighnment to the receiver unless alighned by one straight connecting rail that starts from the receiver. Thats why the Navy put so many of the SPR's together with the PRI tube using the ARMS SPR long rail. That combo also helps support the tubes hanging out there in mid air that are only attached to the not very wide threaded barrel nuts of various designs. Good Shootin, Jack
Link Posted: 12/18/2002 6:50:15 PM EDT
Furet and others 3 months ago I too was looking to build an SPR without some of the bells and whistles that others are using. Heres what i did. I ordered an Armalite M15T model upper direct from Armalite, however instaed of the 24" barrel I had them install the 20" CMP barrel in pre-ban configuration, this way I could install the break of my choice and do the float tube work first myself, then permanently attach the break if I chose to, (or buy a pre-ban lower) Now I had it set up like the M15T with its free float tube. I marked the tube where I wanted vent holes and rail attachments while on rifle, then removed the flash surpressor and gas check and unscrewed the Free float tube, I then drilled heat vent holes in hand guard at pre marked locations. I didnt want to weeken the structure to much so I didnt add to many approx, 1 every 2 inches at2oclock and 10 o'clock then a few on the bottom near the front. then I purchesed some GGG rails for around 30 bucks each and a surefire rail and used flush fit stainless nuts on inside of the barrel. This had a unplanned result of stiffening the tube even more after drilling the holes, all in all I ended up only saveing about $100.00 over a PRI tube, but it was fun!! To make a long story short If you dont need all the rails go with and stay with the Armalite tube it is very sturdy and rugged, ive had no problems and I can be somewhat abusive sometimes during training. Thats why I use ACOGs also hahaha good luck chuck BTW I get 1/2MOA or better on a good day with a TAO1 ACOG and this rifle and Blackhills 68BTHP Molys.
Link Posted: 12/19/2002 4:22:23 PM EDT
Hi guys. Thanks for some insight on the Armalite tube. Eaglecp - I was actually thinking about doing that, add some rails were I need them when I need them. But like you mentioned, in the end I might not save that much money, especially with all the shipping charges I will have to pay. I think I will hold out on doing any work on this rifle at this point. My plan involved replacing the Colt A2 receiver with an Armalite A3 one, and since the barrel is off anyway I was going to put the tube on. But then I am stuck with offset screws to adapt it to the Colt lower. I might even consider selling the Colt since it is a US pre-ban version, rather than change it's configuration. I can buy any new Armalite or Bushmaster in it's pre-ban format, I am thinking it would be a shame to waste a pre-ban. More thought to go into that decision. When I do go ahead with the SPR tube setup, I think I will save up for the PRI and SWAN setup. For now, I will prioritize on my M4 for a GP rifle ( RAS, TA-11, light ..) Thanks for the info. Furet - OUT
Link Posted: 12/19/2002 5:01:26 PM EDT
Furet, Up here it is irrelevantly a pre/post ban Colt. It cannot go back into the US (Or I would have already made a fortune) Curtiousy of the Semi-Auto Import Ban '89 (thanks Bush Sr.) -Kevin
Link Posted: 12/20/2002 5:48:13 AM EDT
CT - Crap... CT - I know here it makes no difference (pre-ban/post), but I though I could make one of our friendly neighbor happy. That's why it would be a shame to strip it from it's pre-ban configuration. Even if the rifle was made prior to 1989, and would be considered a legally owned pre-ban in the US, I cannot sell it there ?? I love the CFC, they said no problem to export to the US. I guess what he really meant was," No problem to get it out of Canada, one less Black Devil to deal with..". I can't stand dealing with them, bunch of &*%(.. but that's a whole subject of it's own.. Anybody see any issue with replacing the Colt A2 upper and install an Armalite A3, I have the large hole version on the lower. Would the offset pins do the trick, or am I looking for trouble (sloppy assy between upper & lower)?? furet - OUT
Link Posted: 12/20/2002 5:57:29 AM EDT
Added note: I generated a new discussion thread concerning the import issue in the AR discussion section. furet - OUT
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