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Posted: 9/11/2007 9:12:30 AM EST
[Last Edit: 9/11/2007 9:43:53 AM EST by swhitney]
I was wondering if anyone has tried to ream out a LaRue 34mm SPR mount to 35mm and saddling it up with an IOR Valada?

It would seem to be an easy operation for a competent machinist. Looking at my SPR it seems to have more than enough meat to handle 1mm increase in diameter.

Then of course LaRue could just make one but their website says it is coming soon...and we know how busy those guys are...so I am not holding my breath...


I will modify the question. Anyone with knowledge of machining please chime in.

What type of tool/machine would be required to enlarge rings from 34mm to 35 mm?

What would it cost (roughly)?
Link Posted: 9/11/2007 10:33:34 AM EST
[Last Edit: 9/11/2007 10:35:12 AM EST by chuck1]
As far as what machine and tool to use that would be up to the guy doing the work. You could use a Lathe and 4 jaw chuck to bore then while mounted to the base or a Mill and boring bar. They could be line bored. A reamer if someone had one laying around in 35mm or that adjusts to that size (although a reamer wouldn't be my choice).
The problem is going to be opening them up while keeping the bores concentric to each other as misalignment between the two can damage the scope tube.
Will opening them up break into the area where the threaded inserts are? I can't say without looking at a set of the 34mm rings.

They could be machined individually but if the guy doesn't get them indicated correctly before boring them then they will be misaligned.
Nothing is as easy as it looks (if I had a dollar for everytime I heard it should be a easy job I could retire). Just holding the rings will be a challange as if they are held too tight in the vice they will distort and not come out round along with taking the time to machine a spacer to take up the space on the bottom of the ring if they are off the base.
The rings are also pretty thin and hanging out there in the breeze so it is possible to get movement while doing them together on the base.

I have no clue on cost since where I work is not a shop open to the public and I don't know what the going rate is.

eta: After looking at my 30mm set I don't think it could be done as the threaded ineserts are too close to the bore.
Link Posted: 10/9/2007 9:02:46 AM EST
[Last Edit: 11/4/2007 7:33:45 AM EST by steven1513]
There's a related thread in the LT forum.

You might also try the LT-101 with a good set of 35mm rings. Seekins and TPS have 35mm rings 0.950 inch high on axis. This puts the scope at about 1.575 inch on axis.

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