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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 11/23/2003 10:25:46 PM EST
Anyone have the Bushmaster Two Stage Competition Trigger? I'm thinking of getting one and wondered if anyone has any opinions/Experiences?


P.S. Sorry for the crosspost. After a search, it looks like triggers are discussed in multiple places.
Link Posted: 11/24/2003 3:54:31 AM EST
YEs. It's a very good trigger. Note - it does have set screws, so it's not installed in my Grab-N-Go rifle, I've got a RRA 2 stage for that.
Link Posted: 11/24/2003 4:12:48 AM EST
[Last Edit: 11/24/2003 4:15:42 AM EST by cornbread2]
It is a good trigger compared to the stock AR trigger as far as trigger pull. It can be adjusted to about one lb or less. It does require that you keep it lubed and is known to loose it's second stage from wear quickly if you do not. It also relies on a weaker hammer spring for it's lighter trigger pull. This causes missfires with some ammo and a slower lock time. If you are varmit hunter or a sandbagger that only fires a few rounds a year you may never have a problem with the Bushmaster match trigger. If you shoot a lot you WILL have problems. I switched to the Armalite two stage and it is so much better and uses the full power hammer spring and has a good clean consistant creep free second stage. Most highpower shooter like the RRA trigger and most all of them will agree that the Bushmaster trigger is the worst one you can buy.
Link Posted: 11/24/2003 6:02:34 AM EST
Thanks a ton for the info. I like to try to keep my rifle all bushie, but if it's inferior I'll have to look elsewhere. Somewhere I read that the RRA and Armalite are basically the same. Is this true? Thanks again, BoB
Link Posted: 11/24/2003 8:22:14 AM EST
[Last Edit: 11/24/2003 8:23:23 AM EST by cornbread2]
From what I can understand the RRA and Armalite triggers are basicaly the same or at least they work the same. I got the Armalite trigger because it did not cost me anything. Our local dealer wound up with a Armalite with the two stage trigger and let me trade my Bushmaster match trigger for his. If I was buying a trigger it would be the RRA because it is quality and cheaper than the Armalite.
Link Posted: 11/24/2003 7:09:41 PM EST
I should have mentioned the use. I will be putting this into my Bushmaster M4gery. This is not my go-to firearm (I reserve my SIG P226 for that), rather it's the gun I take to the local indoor range. I do this due to its compactness and the fact that they'll let me shoot it there. Anyhow, my SIG has a beautiful 2-stage trigger and I want to replicate a similar feel on my AR. I shoot about 500rds a year through the gun in about 5 sessions of 100rds. The shooting is just for fun target shooting. That said, does this change any recommendations? BoB
Link Posted: 11/24/2003 8:25:14 PM EST
I'd go with the RRA 2-stage: it's cheaper, easier to install, with zero "set-up", and mine has been 100% trouble-free.
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