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Posted: 10/14/2004 7:13:56 PM EDT
Has anyone ever run into this problem before?

I just bought 3 used Adventureline 30rd mags. They are all in decent physical shape, with worn finish. Two of them fit a little tightly into the mag well - it takes extra force to get them in, and obviously they will not drop free. One is very tight. I tried adjusting the "button" that is on the mag below where the catch sits. Didn't help. It appears that they are a little bit thick along the back edge. A good functioning mag I have (a LaBelle) measures 0.88" thick, the 2 used mags measure about 0.91. Is there a way I can file, bend, press, whatever them down so they will fit better?

I only paid $20 for the three of them, , and 2 of the three will insert (and appear to function OK, although I'll be changing the followers/springs anyway) so it's no huge deal, but I would like to get them to insert and drop free if possible.

Thanks for any help.

joe l.
Link Posted: 10/14/2004 7:23:48 PM EDT
Sell them to me

J/K Actually, if you've already measured them, and they are indeed thick along the spine, you can take a C-clamp and gently squeeze the thicker part. Take your time and test often. It should take care of your problem. Also, it helps to disassemble the mag before you do that. Do not file!

Oh, and BTW, since you already have it disassembled, clean the mag (inside and out) with an old toothbrush and warm soapy water, rinse with very hot water and let dry before reassembly. Putting in a green follower wouldn't hurt.
Link Posted: 10/14/2004 7:33:44 PM EDT
There was a good thread awhile back on this in which I learned alot.

IIRC, if the thickness of the mag exceeds .990, they will stick in some lowers.

I removed the followers and squeezed mine together with finger pressure till they worked and fell free, then assembled.

They still work fine.

Watch for cracked spot welds. Had one that would open up with ammo in it and stick.

Link Posted: 10/14/2004 7:41:56 PM EDT
Thanks for the replies Ghost-Shooter and MinuteMan419. The vice idea had crossed my mind - so I'll definitely try it out now. Shouldn't take too much squeeze (I hope) - it is only like a few hundredths of an inch, but they won't budge with just my fingers. Already had them apart, and they're solid inside and out, no visible cracks. And they've been used, so they definitely fit in someone's lower. So, a little squeeze here and there, and a quick spray with some PermaSlik, new green followers and springs, and hopefully - three good mags! I really can't complain for the price.

Oh, BTW, I actually used my wife's steam cleaner (the EuroPro ones they sell on QVC) to clean the insides. Man, did that work well! Blasted all the goo right out of it, and since it was steam, dried almost instantly. I'd recommend trying it if anyone out there has a steamer.

joe l.
Link Posted: 10/14/2004 7:49:51 PM EDT
What Brand Lower?

My Eagle ARMS are tight, the STAGS are a little tight.

The MEGA and Stinger will eat almost any mag I own.

Link Posted: 10/14/2004 8:20:38 PM EDT
Lower is one of the Fulton Armory FAR-15s.

I did wonder if the lower brand made a difference. The tolerances on the Fulton lower and Fulton upper I have are very tight (but in a good way).

But, seeing as how I do have stock mags that fit just fine, I'm inclined to believe it' s just these mags. We'll see tomorrow after I tweak 'em a bit. I'll be shooting this weekend with my cousin, and I'll have him try the mags in his Bushmaster to see how they fit there - maybe I'll leave one mag as is to see if it's particularly tight in his rifle.

joe l.
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