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Posted: 9/21/2004 11:42:37 AM EDT
I have been using Mpro7 and Butches bore shine to clean my bores. I use the Mpro7 to cut through carbon and the grit in the barrel and then Butches bore shine to cut the copper and lead. I just now thought about the possibiltys of these two chemicals reacting with each other. So far i have not seen any damage done by this. Does anyone know which cleaners can be safely used together? Thanks!
Link Posted: 9/21/2004 10:10:01 PM EDT
Personally I do not mix solvents or cleaners.IF I were going to use a different cleaner like you mentioned I would dry patch real well...then run a patch or two of isopropyl alcohol through the bore to remove any solvent residue and then dry patch again before moving onto a different cleaner.I also do this after using any solvent before oiling the bore for storage.
With that said,the Mpro7 website discusses removing copper.They apparently have no issues with ammonia based solvents.Check out the website.
The main thing you need to watch with solvents is mixing certain solvents together,like ammonia based and chlorinated solvents.Chlorinated solvents are short chain and highly reactive.
This includes some brake and carb cleaners,although getting rare than goodness,Break Free Powder Blast,Gunscrubber which are strong chlorinated solvents.So do not attempt to use these spray solvents to flush lets say Sweets from the bore.I seen many posts in the past of folks doing this...its not good as it creates hydrochloric acid or some such,which will eat your bore.Use isopropyl alcohol only after a complete dry patching to flush solvents from the bore...especially ammonia which leaves ammonium salts in the bore and are reactive(hygroscopic).
The only one I know for sure that should not be used in the same bore that has had an ammonia based copper solvent used in it is Shooters Choice bore solvent.Seems to be a nasty reaction of some sort between the two.
Hoppe's #9 uses ammonium oleates and is a mild alkaline which follows the same basic chemistry as the ammomia based solvents like Sweets...just much milder.
Bore Tech says that thier solvents are all compatible with each other which is plain to see since the different formulas are basically a mix of each to gain a certain result at different levels.
So in general I would say using any of ammonia based solvents in the same bore is safe.But like I said I would not mix solvents together regardless.Dry patch and flush just to be safe.Why?Because solvent reidues do remain in the bore...which is why I always run a patch of alcohol through and dry patch before oiling.That way the solvent residues do not detract from my lube protectant.
Hoppe's #9 is a pretty safe solvent and is basically compatible with other ammonia based copper solvents.Still I would not mix them in solution.
If you have concerns about a solvent check out the MSDS and see whats listed.If it has any chlorinated solvents list do not use it in the same bore that a ammonia based solvent has been used in just to be safe.If no MSDS is posted then call and ask for one.If they do not have a MSDS available for you or will not send one to you then do not buy that product.That goes for oils too.
Link Posted: 9/22/2004 9:04:57 AM EDT
I do not "mix" them. After I use the Mpro7 I dry patch the bore a couple of times and then use the What ever copper/lead solvent. I know that there is still a little of both cleaners in the bore and that was wat I was worring about. I'll start the Alcohol trick next time! Thank you!
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