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10/30/2020 2:42:12 PM
Posted: 11/20/2008 5:57:56 PM EST
I'm working on putting together a second rifle, and I'm leaning towards an 18". Is midlength gas the best way to go here? Coach me. What would you do? Assuming you were able to find it in stock, who sells a decent, middle of the line upper along those lines?

My father is also trying to decide what kind of rifle he wants to build. I've had a heck of a time trying to explain that there is an infinite number of variations, and that what you put together really depends on what your intended use is.

Lately he's leaning away from anything built for CQB, he says that's what his AK is for. He wants something more long-range, but possibly all purpose. It's frustrating me to no end trying to explain all of the options available, and what parts/accessories go best with what type of build.

All of that said, I'll get to my real questions.

a) For a frustrated son trying to help his father build a rifle we can both be proud of, but not spend an absolute fortune on, what would you recommend for a good all-purpose rifle? Detailed specs are welcomed.

b) For an 18" barrel, with probably a 12" FF rail system, what gas system would be best? Who sells 18" middie uppers? (I know, bad time to buy, but assuming they were available)

c) What type of optic setup would you go with here? Red-dot with 3x magnifier? ACOG? A Leupold? An Accupoint? Why?

I'm sure this post seems like it's all over the place. And maybe it is. I'm just trying to compile a decent set of ideas and recommendations for my dad.

Pictures would help a ton!!

Thanks guys.
Link Posted: 11/20/2008 6:43:25 PM EST

Factory Sabre Defence SPR, 18" with midlength gas.
Link Posted: 11/20/2008 8:24:03 PM EST
Sixteen inches is considered the all-around best compromise barrel length.
At that length you get pretty much all of the velocity with a pretty compact length that's manageable for vehicle transport. Any longer and you get a longer sight radius and maybe a little bit more velocity, which is fine if you need longer range. Any shorter and you lose a little bit of velocity and a bit of sight radius, both of which make things a little harder to manage at longer rages. Only reason .mil doesn't use the 16" length is that a bayonet won't fit on that length - hence the 14.5" barrel.

Barrel twist is 1:9 best all around; if you are going to use the 75-77 grain stuff maybe go with a 1:8.  BUT - if you're going for the heavy round only for the penetration at closer ranges the twist won't matter; if you're using the heavy bullet for long range hits you should have the longer barrel.

Full disclosure: I don't have a 16" gun at all. I use a 14.5" for general shooting, and have a 20" HBAR for when I need to reach out.  I have found that even the best compromises tend to be the worst of both worlds; I'd rather carry a great carbine or service rifle and make do than have a gun that does neither thing best.
Link Posted: 11/20/2008 8:30:34 PM EST
[Last Edit: 11/20/2008 8:35:48 PM EST by ftwm]
Originally Posted By Model_One:
Only reason .mil doesn't use the 16" length is that a bayonet won't fit on that length - hence the 14.5" barrel.

My 6920 has a bayo lug, and although I have never owned a bayonet I know it is possible to put one on a 16" barrel. I've seen more than one.

Here's a pic of one:

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