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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 12/17/2005 8:20:44 AM EST
Hi guys,
Just joined the site after picking up my first AR yesterday. It is an M4/A3 cmh 31, ___ match target model. Now, of course, I'm looking for all the "goodies". I have decided to get the AimPoint ML3 model (no night vision needed) and have seen a couple of pics of them mounted to the carry handle which is how I would like to mount it myself. I am still a bit unsure as to exactly what mount system, spacer, etc. I need to do this. Don't be too hard on the new guy as I know this is a very basic question, and yes, I have browsed the forum for several hours and pages and could not find a definitive answer I was sure of. One other question I had which really doesn't belong in this section is how I can determine if I have a 1:7 or 1:9 twist rate? It was bought from an individual and he didn't know. I appreciate the help and have a lot to learn but that's part of all of the fun isn't it? Here is a pic of her by the way.http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v737/brnix/741a3d26.jpg
Link Posted: 12/17/2005 9:10:45 AM EST

First, welcome and congrats on the rifle, You will definately have years of fun with it!

There are several mounts available for carry handle mounting. I believe the standard Aimpoint mount available from sevral dealers on this site would suit you fine. Its been awhile but I believe it allows you to look through the base and use the irons under the ML3.

If I may suggest something. Most guys i know are going to a system that does not include the carry handle. The reason for this is it gives you a lower plain and profile (although this does limit FOV some) It has a major advantage of being fast because its a more natural feel when bringing the rifle onto target, (No goose necking).

In addition in a crisis or in the RARE occurance your site goes down, a flip up site such as the ARMS # 40L or Troy BUIS's could be deployed allowing you "co-witness" or use your sites through the site. Trying to look under or through a mount in a competition or life threatening situation is slow and you will limit your FOV (field of view) .

I would HIGHLY recommend a mount for your ML3 from LaRue. The M68 mount either standard or Cantilever is the best in the biz and rock solid. The nice thing is when removed and re installed it is 100% return to zero. LaRue is the best available, and sold by many dealers on this site. Also the M68 Mounts have a spare battery compartment in the base, (not that you'll need it)
For BUIS's there are many available but Troy or ARMS are the best for folding BUIS's and LaRue makes one that basically looks like a chopped carry handle.

I would recommed two set ups for you.
One is an ARMS #40L SP or Troy BUIS, and your ML3 in a LaRue M68 CCO mount.
The other would be a LaRue BUIS, and LaRue M68 CCO with your ML3 in it.

If you really want to say with the carrly handle try SWFA for their AImpoint mount package. Aimpoint also makes a carry handle mount that will allow you to mount the ML3 catilevered over the hand guards in front of the carry handle, but it is attached to the carry handle.

good luck
Oh BTW you'll need to buy ammo too

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