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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 12/18/2005 8:00:22 AM EST
Hey fellas, I bought a RRA lower a few years ago and then got laid off from work. So I have had this lower sitting in my gun cabinet mocking me for awhile. I want to mount it and am looking at possibly doing 3 gun matches next spring. I also would like a handy defensive gun and one I could take to carbine courses. When I bought the lower we were still under the AWB. I assume I can buy a threaded barrel upper now? Is it worth worrying about? Is there any aftermarket widgets that would be useful to have but only work with a threaded barrel i.e. compensators?

I currently have a green stock. I wonder now about collapsibles. Does anyone make one that doesn't rattle around? The ones I have handled seemed frail and noisy and I like the stock now. I have been looking at pics here and I notice collapsibles seem to be popular. They look different than old ones I used to see at gun shows.

Also, I want a mid length handguard and my furniture is green. Is free float a big deal for use with EOTech ranges? I am thinking the RRA 16 inch UTE. I believe that is the one that has the rear site AND the rail to mount optics. How about chrome barrel?

I am confused by the use of .223 and 5.56. I was under the impression that they were the same. I will be shooting alot of surplus ammo (probably SA or Isreali) for awhile to get some skills, so that leads me to the twist? I'm looking for accurate fire under 200 yards - not long range accuaracy. Past that I have a 30'06 that does nicely.

I would also like the ability to mount a light. But these hand guards that have mount points all over them look a little odd, would probably be uncomfortable to grab on to and seem to be priced for guys who don't pay for their weapons out of their own pockets, if you know what I mean.

I see a lot of troops on tv are using the little "MP5 type" hand grips on the front of their weapons. Is this a gimick or is it useful for my situation -no full auto here. They look interesting but it brings up the handguard issue because they are going to have to mount somehow.

Any help is appreciated.

Link Posted: 12/18/2005 2:00:22 PM EST
First decide on how much you are willing to invest. That will help narrow your choices. Then head over to the EE and start shopping.

Mine goes like this...
Stag Lower
Tango Down Grips
CMT Upper
La Rue Rail
Troy Sights

Waiting on the 12.5" from Noveske!!!!

Bought it in pieces as funds allowed....almost done!!!
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