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Posted: 12/2/2007 12:10:00 PM EDT
I recently acquired a Model 1 Sales 300 Fireball Kit and have assembled it and started some load analysis. I formed brass from Remington commercial brass. The gas port is in the carbine position and I verified that it is at max. (.125). I installed a JP adjustable gas block and it was also .125.

I plan on using this platform for suppressed fire only. I have not received the suppressor, still awaiting BATFE approval. I would like to use the SMK 240's. I am looking for load sugestions. My loads to date that are subsonic will not cycle the AR-15 bolt. I have tried WW 296, AA 1680 and Alliant 2400.

The load needs to be subsonic and accurate. I would also like a load that would fully cycle the AR, if possible. If this combination is not possible- I can live without the cycling of the AR. That is the main reason that I installed the JP adjustable gas block.

This is a great site and I would appreciate any load suggestions offered. I own a gun shop, so most powders are "at hand". I also posted this request on Quarterbore Forums.
Kentucky Drover
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