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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 1/18/2006 8:48:48 PM EST
I want to build another AR that is more accurate than my 14.5 AR. I love the 16" SS match barrel from Dennys guns but I am just not sure if it will be as accurate at long ranges when compared to a 20" barrel.

Any input would be appreciated.
Link Posted: 1/18/2006 9:16:09 PM EST
Practical accuracy: A buddy of mine bought an RRA midlength 16-inch carbine with a SS barrel, and was hitting IPSC silhouettes at a measured 570 yds last weekend, using SS109 ammo, and aiming with irons.
Link Posted: 1/18/2006 11:30:32 PM EST
This is can of really ugly worms, the kind that would make Lurch cringe. I got involved in a debate about this several months ago, siding with those who said that at longer ranges the 20" is preferable to the 16". Since then I've just avoided the topic. But right now I have insomnia and I'm bored. Many people will soon be calling me a jackass for saying that length matters with regards to truly long ranges hashing
When you read articles that people link, READ CRITICALLY AND OBJECTIVELY. Look at all the evidence that brings the author to his conclusion, and see how well it applies for your purposes. I say this because I read an article that was pretty convincing in stating that barrel length does not play a big role. But on closer inspection, I realized that the article proved this to be true only within certain parameters that don't apply to the 16 vs 20 AR situation. Of course, also be critical of the articles that claim barrel length DOES matter. Just don't make the mistake of not thinking everything through completely.

Another thing to bear in mind that many miss: just because something can be done with a particular instrument doesn't mean that it can't be done better with another instrument.

Lastly: this is one of those few questions that requires research outside of ar15.com. To reach the right conclusion for the right reasons, you'll have to get neck deep in some pretty thick science. Sounds boring to some, but it's actually a lot of fun learning just how everything works. Having already built an AR, it's safe to say that you're well ahead of the learning curve. You'll also have to learn about ALL the factors that affect accuracy, since incomplete knowledge can cause a person to draw the wrong conclusions from ballistic charts and other data that has seemingly obvious implications. Find sources whose credibility you can be absolutely certain of. While there are some highly credible members here, they are often in disagreement (not just on this topic). Some gunsmithing and reloading manuals have a lot to offer, as do ballistic charts.

Have fun with your build!

Now excuse me while I sprint away from my computer
Link Posted: 1/19/2006 2:32:14 AM EST
a quality ss match barrel will be more accurate than any length standard chromed barrel. As with all questions of accuracy, the shooter's abilities are more important than the tools and the tools.

My brother used to always want to shoot my varmint rig--20inch ss match barrel and match chamber. He said his 16 inch carbine wasn't as accurate and that's why I always shoot better. Now I love my brother but he doesn't practice, doesn't train, doesn't research or test loads or keep a log book. He does what most guys do which is come to the range and try and hit targets for a while and then packs up---and then is dissapointed when his groups are still 4 inches at 100yards the next time.

I knew that he was not shooting to his weapon and ammo's maximum capablities. He was using a bushy 16 hbar with Black Hills BB 55gr and he was shooting in the 4 or 5 MOA range--4inches at 100 yards. He had always been satisfied with this until he saw me shooting my varmint set up and recording sub moa groups. Well I finally let him shoot the rifle but said I was going to shoot his at the same time. Well wouldn't you know, he shot about a 4inch group with my rig and I got his "innacurate carbine" to shoot a 1.5inch group.

a longer barrel will give more velocity (to a point) and that will mean you can reach out further with less adjustments (less chance for adjustment errors) and that your round will be less effected by wind. IT is the wind effect that leads most people to the conclusion that longer means more accurate since most people (including me) usually misread the wind and our rounds don't go where we want them too!!!!

good luck
Link Posted: 1/19/2006 2:39:29 AM EST

Originally Posted By svtfast:
I want to build another AR that is more accurate than my 14.5 AR. I love the 16" SS match barrel from Dennys guns but I am just not sure if it will be as accurate at long ranges when compared to a 20" barrel.

Any input would be appreciated.

If by long range your talking 0-400 yards the 16" may get you what you want, but IF your talking 400-600 yards the 20" is your ticket, that said, from 600-1000 yards then you'd be better off with the longest barrel you can stand, (as in 24") as that extra velocity will be needed.

Link Posted: 1/19/2006 2:40:25 AM EST
The short answer is that barrel length is marginally related to accuracy, if at all. The bore's dimensional uniformity, surface smoothness, crown uniformity, chamber dimensions (particularly throat and leade dimensions), and the degree that your ammunition is tuned to your rifle will make a FAR more significant impact on accuracy.

Link Posted: 1/19/2006 2:42:29 AM EST
depends on the 20" bbl.

i love my recon bbl. and its plenty accurate
Link Posted: 1/19/2006 5:18:05 AM EST
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