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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 3/23/2006 5:42:56 AM EST
I've thought about buying an Accupoint 2.5 x 10 TR22R for use on my hunting rifles. (Rifles include a Tikka 30-06 Whitetail hunter, an HK 770 308, and soon, a 6.5 Grendel AR).

Hell...I've been eyeballing other toys for a while now, and just have seen the right deals recently to consider picking up new glass :)

Well, after reading some of the threads on this board about the 20 and 21's for accuracy, now I'm not certain I'd be happy with the 22R. I understand that the threads on accuracy are basically implying that since it's not a crosshair, it's tougher to keep a consistent point of aim with these models for punching paper (although I wonder why that's so tough in that you use the head of the triangle as your aim point). I also understand that shielding the fiber optic on these would also help accuracy for paper shooting. The threads do talk about the fact, though, that while not so great for paper shooting, the post system is fine for hunting since you're not cutting your point of aim that fine.

Not to mention...I can't find squat for reviews of this model...and, no one anywhere near me stocks these things to look at.

On the plus side, I think I can get a 22R for a a decent price (around $625).

If you've got a 22R, or possibly the lower power 20 or 21 let me know how you like it, and any pluses or minuses you've found with it.

If I'm going to buy some new glass, I'm also considering some other options.....I'm kinda jumping around on magnification ranges....but most of these seem conducive to being good hunting scopes.

I could do an Accupoint TR21R.... shorter range scope that might be more conducive to my hunting area (15-150 yard targets. Some fast acquisition required). I currently use a 1.5x 6 elite 4200 on my 30-06, and I've always thought it was about the perfect mag. for deer...although it lacks if I have to try to pick a deer out of heavy brush at over 100 yards. Problem with the 21R would be the same accuracy issue that others have discussed with a post reticle system.

Along the same lines as the 21R is the IOR Valdada with cqb sights I've seen guys raving about here. Looks like it would fit the bill. A bit pricier ($700 ish) than some of the other options.

I've discounted trying an eotech or an acog. Eotech because when I checked one at the store, I didn't really like the sight (and yes, I had read about how to properly use one, so I was focusing on my target, not the reticle while trying it). Acogs look cooler than hell (thought hard about the ta31f...), but I think I'm stumbling on price. Also can't find any to look through.

Finally, I had thought about just sticking with a brand I like and getting a Bushnell 4200 in 2.5x10 with a 30mm tube. This is probably about the cheapest option ($390), and I have brand experience with them and have liked my 1.5x6.

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