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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 11/22/2003 12:36:12 PM EST
New to the list gentleman & ladies,

I am sure this topic from what I can tell is over discussed, BUT I would like clear answers to my questions from those in the know. I have 2 preban Bushmaster uppers, that I would like to get lowers for. 1 I bought the other in trade. My question are these: Preban lowers, you can only get these from individuals selling them correct? What exactly is missing from an 80% lower? Are there better or worse company's to but these kits from? Finally am I even barking up the right tree to get my lowers for my Bushmasters? Please feel free to e-mail me with answers since I am sure this has be over discussed on this list, but I am a newbie & would very much like to do it right the 1st time. Also any links that help out in what I am looking for would be great.

Thanks to all in advanced.

Link Posted: 11/22/2003 1:14:13 PM EST
Lets start w/ the 80% lowers. I can't be 100% sure to list all that is missing, but I can say most of the holes. It has no pivot, takedown, trigger, hammer or buffer holes. Or the holes to finish installing the trigger guard. Now, the pre ban lowers. Yes, most pre ban lowers can be bought from individuals who are selling them. They are at a preminum at times though. Be sure to check the serial number to the info list to make sure they are true prebans. If someone is selling a 'stripped lower' and says it's pre ban, you might want to ask them if it was built into a rifle before, because even if it is a pre ban lower, if it was never built into a rifle, it's not "pre ban" if it's built after the magic date. Your uppers- you NEED a pre ban lower to use them on legally. A post ban lower that has an upper w/ a bayo lug and flash hider is illegal. You could covert your pre ban uppers. It is simple hacking off the bayo lug or replacing the front sight assembly. The flash hider can be removed and a post ban muzzle brake can be installed. Method if installation can be blind pinned and/or silver sodered on. Doing these would be concidered "neutering" your pre ban upper (turning it into a post ban). Or you can just trade them off/sell to buy a post ban upper. When you say "kits", did you mean kits where all parts are sold except the lower receiver or did you mean 80%lowers? If you meant the 80%, they ONLY come as 80% lower. The jig that you may have read about to finish them off is seperate. Same with the tools (like the tap to put the threads on the buffer area). Hope I answered some of you Q's...
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