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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 10/27/2002 8:27:39 AM EST
hi, all.
I am new to ar15.com forum. I plan to buy a scope for my AR-15 (20'' heavy barrel).
Just wonder if ATN 5x33l scope is good since it's price and features?

Anyone has any experience with it? ?


Professional 5x33L Tactical Daytime Rifle Scope by ATN was designed specifically to withstand the rigors of any tactical situation and to meet the requirements of the most avid AR-15/M-16 enthusiast. This compact and rugged scope, designed around the .223 match ammo, employs superior optics for various lighting conditions from early morning to dusk. Using all glass, multi-coated optics, the Professional provides crystal clear viewing at any range. Featuring 1/8 M.O.A. windage and elevation click adjustments, the ATN Professional 5x33L offers twice the precision of scopes with M.O.A. adjustments. Combine our precision windage and elevation adjustments with a 500 yard range finder and a bullet drop compensator and you now have a scope that will satisfy even the most demanding Marksman. You will never lose sight of your crosshairs due to darkness while using the ATN Professional 5x33L. Our illuminated reticle has a 10 position rheostat. The intensity of the reticle can be adjusted to your specific lighting conditions. ATN Professional 5x33L is simply the best Illuminated Reticle Riflescope on the market and leaves the competition in the dust. ATN Professional 5x33L Tactical Daytime Rifle Scope Features

• Magnification: 5x • Objective diameter: 33mm • Mounting: 30mm Rings (optional) • Bullet drop calibers: .223 • 500 Yard Range Finder • Illuminated reticle: Yes • Length: 10" • Eye relief: 3" • Power source: 3v (CR2432) included • Battery life: 100 hours • Sun shade: No • Recomended use: Law Enforcement, Small Game • 500 Yard bullet drop compensator for 5.56mm (.223) match ammo • Illuminated reticle with 10 position rheostat and the intensity can be adjusted to your specific lighting conditions. • 1/8 M.O.A. Internal Windage and Elevation Click Adjustments at 100 yds. • Everlight™ and Proshield™ Lens Coatings were designed to help prevent glare and scratches, while providing you with a sharp image in both bright and low light conditions. • All glass multi-coated optics • User friendly by design • Instruction Manual
Link Posted: 10/27/2002 8:57:58 AM EST
ATN= Junk in my book. Buy an I.O.R. if you want a scope of that type. Sent mine back and got an I.O.R. from Brownells.
Link Posted: 10/27/2002 7:39:47 PM EST
The ATN 5x33L is the least expensive piece of glass in my collection. Bought it as part of the 2001 LEGP. Thought I'd never use it, just put it on a shelf for a collector's item. Last June just before ETH's party I got crazy and mounted it on a Bushy Shorty AK. I sorta like the thing.

It looks out of place among the Loopies, Zeiss & Leica but it's been fun to shoot with it.

The factory mount is sh*t but once you get it on the rifle AND TIGHTENED WAY THE F*CK DOWN it's a functional piece of glass. LT and I spent a couple hours trying to find a zero with the POS mount but after we discovered the scope has MILES of adjustment we finally got it zero'ed. It hasn't budged since then.

One nice thing about the factory mount (if there is one) is it puts the scope as low as possible on the rifle. If you put lens caps on it the objective cap has about .02 inch clearance. You'd think the front sight would screw up the sight picture but you can't even tell it's there.

The reticle takes a little geting used to but it's fast to range with it and it can be turned up WAAYYY bright. It's definitely RED.

THe Bullet Drop Compensator works as well as I can expect shooting Black Hills 68gr Blue Box and plain old everyday blasting ammo.

It hasn't had any problems and that rifle is a bump-fire tornado.

The 5x33L isn't a precision shooting tool but it's sure fun to shoot with it at ETH's parties.
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