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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 4/11/2006 7:15:15 PM EDT
Hello All,
Been a bolt action and SKS type collector for a while, but got bit by the AR and EBR bug recently. Started out with an Hesse HAR-15A2, but found my money poorly spent. The lower was plastic, and the hole where the buffer tube retaining pin and spring resided was starting to give way, and rather than wait for a failure, I proactively replaced the lower with a Stag receiver. Moving all the small parts from the Hesse to the Stag was a trial-by-fire education in AR assembly, and I was amazed I didn't loose any of the parts. It sure helped that I had "The AR-15 Complete Owners Guide and "The AR-15 Complete Assembly Guide" (got'em from one of the authors, autographed, as part of a trade... nice books if you haven't seen them. Saved my butt during assembly)

'Now I've got an AR put together than I can live with...

From ass-end to front, a Magpul M93 A2 with optional strike plate, a YHM BUIS on the rear, a tactical thingie on the charging handle (not visible in the pic), a Larue Tactical mount for the Eotech (not sure what model, but it takes AA and has the NV switch. Traded a Swedish Mauser with Diopter sights for the Eotech, Larue and BUIS). Not sure who makes the handguard rail (anyone? the ruts in the rails are rounded at the bottom, not cut square like the flat top rail is), Same thing for the gas block, it's got rails like the handguard. Took a couple of beat up Sanchez 30 rnd mags (bought cheap, missing parts) and built them up with magpul floorplates, magpul green followers, a cheap ($10) FVG and removable front sight. The dust cover on the side is not there, I lost the spring for it, but in my environment and shooting style, it ain't missed

Who made the handguard & gas block?

Not sure what 'style' of AR this is (soooo many terms , M4gery, Dissy, midlength, A1 A2 blah blah blah) anyone?

Can someone detail for me my options for the teeny/tiny rail on the ass end of the Larue mount? Magnifier? NV?

Don't thing I'll change much else. The stock pistol grip is A0K for me. I may add a sling mount somewhere (Suggestions welcome) and perhaps a light.

Learning to shoot this thing with the Eotech and both eyes open was a blast, and I threw 500 rounds of guatamalan .223 downrange sunday (until I learned what a loose gas key can do to cycling and chambering.)


Not to let the Hesse receiver go to waste, I put on a bargain basement VLTOR buttstock (missing the guts, not a problem for this purpose), a CZ V22 .22lr upper, a milsurp parts kit for the lower, some decent rings and an old rubberized Tasco illuminated 4x scope (looks **sorta** tactical don't it?) Also have a RRA type 'Tactical Carry Handle' I can put on it to shoot with ironsights. Fun little plinker.

How hard is it to change the handguard on this? Is the thingie it screws to standard, so others will screw right on?


And last, the original buttstock that came on the Hesse was moved to my buildup AK (Ohio Ord Receiver, Romy -G parts kit), added the Command Arms cheekpeice to the butt (nice piece of gear for the price) with the ACE Reciever block (cut the tang!) and the ACE Pigtail for CAR type stocks, a tapco (no comments) SAW grip, cheapo but sturdy Chinese clone surefire grip and flashlight, ultimak gas tube picattinny, chinese picatinny fore-grip, blackjack safety with bolt holdopen latch and aftermarket brake.

This AK is also where I'm practicing applying Duracoat (seen here in the OD Green tone)

Before I disassembled it to paint, I put the Eotech on the gastube mount. With the buttstock I got a nice cheekweld and the Eotech worked well (albeit perhaps a **tad** to far forward but definitely very functional)

(yes. I know the trigger is missing. Waiting for a Tapco G2 set)

I've got one more Stag receiver (currently at the Mfg for repair after I broke the thing trying to put in the trigger guard roll pin.) that I haven't quite figured out what I'll do with...
Link Posted: 4/11/2006 7:26:11 PM EDT
Kinda like that AK look, but don't let the guys on the AK board see it. Shhhhh.
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