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Posted: 9/2/2005 11:09:37 AM EDT
There have been a ton of awsome posts about when SHTF on this site like: what type of weapon, supplies, how much ammo, etc.......

One thing I haven't really seen touched on yet is physical shape. This hit me between the eyes last night watching the conditions that people are living in right now in N.O. LA They are under so much stress and physical adversity that the weak/unhealthy are dying.

I know this is an AR-15 site,but the Body is the AR-15's weapon platform.........My AR-15's platform isn't in good SHTF shape as it needs to be!

I plan on changing my work out routines to more of an endurance work out and do away with some of the power lifting aspects. So What that I can bench 500lbs? If I can't do repetitive movements without getting a cramp, or if I get tired just doing functional jobs under stressfull situations what am I training for?

I also plan on incorporating sprint workouts to build extra leg strength and "lung endurance".......if the body is your primary weapon's platform, the legs are the foundation....think about it. You have to have strong legs. When you are in a fight it is a sprint! rather you are running, or wrestling, or in a tense situation where someone may be fixing to meet the maker your body is being taxed like it is in an all out sprint to the finish.

By sprinting you get blow flow, oxygen depervation training, and your body releases a ton of growth hormones due to your legs (largest muscle group) doing a ton of work. You also get some awsome lung power and endurance... If you have to run to cover and are used to sprinting, you should have a more stable sight pitcure. If you are not used to sprinting you will be huffing and puffing so hard you won't be able to get a good sight pitcure.

When I was on the C.E.R.T. team we used to lay our weapons down 25 yards from a target then run 50 to 75 yard sprints to the weapon and shoot into the target........wuff, harder than it sounds. Great training though, you learn to rythm your shots to your breaths.

Plus yall may be like me I will run harder knowing I get to do some shooting. Or when I am chasing my wife around naked, but my wife will not cooperate with 2nd option so..........I pace off 25 yards, and set up a small target........haha

Guys it is a long post sorry, but I am just trying to stimulate a little brain juice. Our bodies can handle a lot more stress and such when SHTF if we have prepared them to do so.

Be safe and God Bless

Link Posted: 9/2/2005 11:16:57 AM EDT
Excellent post. I'm in pretty decent shape, but NOTHING like I should be. I've been planning for a while to work on it.
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