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Posted: 9/16/2004 11:26:40 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/16/2004 11:42:51 PM EDT by Ridley]
I'm in the middle of my first AR build, and was contemplating what color of the arms forend to get. I have never personally seen an SIR forend with the O.D. bottom, but was wondering how close it would match my O.D. magpul M93A stock. I would greatly appreciate any pics that you could post or email me. Thanks in advance for your help. And before anyone jumps in and asks why I want the SIR, is mostly for looks. IMHO, the ARMS SIR is by far the most intimidating looking fore end made, and thats basically what I'm going for. I can deal with the extra 4 ounces or whatever it is over the other forends, and can live with the 3,6,9, oclock rails being a bit far from the barrel as a surefire m900 will be on the bottom rail, nothing on the left rail, and red laser on the right. (the good ir laser will be up top eventually), Here's the list of other components which will be on this rife. Ameetec lower, Bushy lower parts kit with JP yellow springs, Magpul M93A stock in OD, matching OD grip, RRA upper and enhanced bolt, bushy 16" hbar fluted with phantom FS, arms #40l BUIS with bushy flip front, and eotech 552 as the primary. The fore end is the final peice to the puzzle!!!! Any comments would be appreciated!!

For any of you trying to get rid of your SIR 45M for a new lighter weight forend, shoot me a PM. I'd be interested in a used one as long as it's in great condition.
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