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Posted: 10/22/2004 5:45:45 PM EDT
What is the skinny on this rifle? I haven't seen much on the forum about it. Thanks for any info about +/-.
Link Posted: 10/22/2004 6:21:52 PM EDT
Cruffler.com has a pretty good review of this rifle.

I also wrote up a short review of it for falfiles.com, where it's in the review forum.

Good luck.

Link Posted: 10/22/2004 6:36:47 PM EDT
The skinny is they aren't making a folding stock for it, an integral part of the original design IMHO. With the price the way it is, I'd rather just go and roll my own AR...
Link Posted: 10/22/2004 6:52:14 PM EDT

I AM IMPRESSED! Crumpler.com answered everyquesiton I had and many I didn't know I had. This site will be one of my favorites.

Link Posted: 10/22/2004 6:54:45 PM EDT
Do a search in google. There a few reviews, mostly positive. Accuracy according to reviews is like 2MOA at 100 yards. Sadly, armalite has chosen not to upate the rifle to a ban free status, which would feature a folding stock and flash hider, obviously. A guy that has one at my local range says it is much cleaner than his AR15 20" after a day of shooting...
Link Posted: 10/22/2004 8:39:47 PM EDT
No side folding stock makes it a deal killer for me.
Link Posted: 10/22/2004 8:43:36 PM EDT
They need a better optics mount. That proprietary POS they currently have ruined it for me.
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