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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 7/30/2003 9:16:22 AM EST
I just inherited a Colt SP1, s/n in the SP145xxx range, an AR15 built from a Wilson Combat lower (16" barrel), an old Colt SP1 complete upper, and a complete lower, also built from a Wilson Combat lower. Would like to sell them at the Indianapolis 1500 gun & knife show (need to split the $$ with my brother). All the guns are in good condition. Can anyone give me any guidance as to how much to sell them for? A local gun dealer told me the Colt SP1 should be worth about $1,100. Sounded low to me, but I don't know. Thanks for any replies.

Link Posted: 7/30/2003 9:42:57 AM EST
Yeah, the complete SP1 should fetch better than $1100, assuming it's not trashed. Was the dealer talking trade value maybe? I'm sort of confused as to exactly what else you have. Is this correct: original sp1 post ban? 16" on a wilson sp1 upper complete (I assume bolt carrier, bolt, charging handle?) complete wilson lower (stock type?) I'd guess, not knowing specifics or conditions: sp1: 1100-1500 sp1 upper: 400-600 16" wilson: 600-800 wilson lower: 250-400
Link Posted: 7/30/2003 7:53:53 PM EST
Farmer Boy: Is $1100. what the dealer said it was worth or was that what he would give you. I would recommend you put it on consignment at a local dealer after agreement on value was made. He has seen the gun whereas any quotes from this site cannot argue the dealers quote. Remember the dealer has to make some money on the deal, and having a dealer you can do business with locally should be every shooters ideal. Bear in mind most gun shows bring in the price haglers and make it questionable of top dollar anyway. Why don't you and your brother agree to a split on the items, and then do as each wishes? Jeep
Link Posted: 7/31/2003 4:08:08 AM EST
fastang50, Sorry for the incomplete info. Your list is correct. The 16" on a Wilson is postban. The SP1 upr complete includes bolt, b carrier, and charging handle. Complete Wilson lower has what I will call a "regular" fixed stock, not telescoping, doesn't look like a telescoping. Thanks for the reply.
Link Posted: 7/31/2003 4:13:48 AM EST
Jeep, The dealer inferred that 1,100 was both the worth and what he could sell it for. I would get 1,100 minus his 10%. Thanks for the suggestions, I may try another dealer and see what he says.
Link Posted: 7/31/2003 5:45:20 AM EST
Wow, I know lots of people here have pride in there weapons esp. AR's But lets face facts. I have purchased 3 prebans on this board in the last month I have not spent over 1100 on any of them 2 complete colts and a Bushy. Each person I purchased from asked me not to reflect the price that it was sold at. Lets face it our beloved AR's have been over priced for a long time.......it makes me sick to see post ban M4's USED priced over 850.00 LE only models NEW our priced that way at a localgun shop Bachman Pawn and Gun. So why would a used post ban go for more....there is no reason..... Most of these guys on this board are selling for way lower than what they are asking for..... think about it for a minute A colt post ban M4forgery is selling USED for 850 or better but a NEW LE M4 is selling for 850.....IF the ban goes away those same LE rifles will be selling for the same amount...so why is ther such a big deal between rifles.... In my buyers mode there is no reason to spend more then 500-600 for a post ban AR that is stock No special gizmos........Cost to dealers depending on purchase amount is NEW for a COLT LE m4 is about 730 Preban is just a fad will go away soon ...I hope
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