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Posted: 9/23/2004 7:53:42 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/23/2004 1:30:27 PM EDT by Doktor]
I know it isn't you guys here on www.ar15.com, and Lord knows I have referred many, many of the following described people here to learn more about ar15's, but I just thought I'd share some of the 'run-of-the-mill' calls from "first time buyers"... 'specialy "Apres' Ban"....

As I have lurked here while answering the phones at M&A Parts, [supplier of USGI ar15/m16 parts... everything except the bullets and the lowers] I thought y'all might get a smile from some of the more intesting/unusual/dumb/outlandish questions that I have been hearing. Most of my time at M&A Parts is spent involved in its subsidiary l.e./mil tac training division, but when things are slow- I help out by answering the ringing phones on the 'civilian sales' lines.

In the days before the expiration, we recvd numerous calls asking us 'what we thought' was going to happen in reference the the expiration of the ban. Since our M&A Parts corporate sponsored PAC and Lobbyist Staff has its finger on the pulse of Capitol Hill, I looked over at him- he sits on top of the computer and purrs during the day- and asked him what he thought. The prediction as to whether the ban would or would not expire at 12:01 varied as to his temperment and effects of catnip- much as any politician. Those were the easy questions.

Now that 'the Ban' has sunsetted, at least the Federal version, here are some of the recurring and annoying queries:

1) I want to order the 10.25" barrel. That's okay now, yes?

2) I want the M16 auto sear for my AR15 now that there is no ban.

3) I ordered the 11.5" barrel from you last week. Can you sell me a 4.5" fake suppressor that I can Red Locktite onto the front?

4) So the 'complete carbine kit' comes 'less stripped lower recvr', so why dont you just put the parts into the lower recvr before you send it to me?

5) I don't give my Visa number out over the phone.

6) To make my life complete, I must have a bayonet lug for my (pre-ban) rifle.

7) Can I mount pre-ban parts on a post-ban lower?

8) I have a (never built up) lower- is it okay to use post ban parts?

9) Are LE marked mags/lowers okay to buy?

10) No, I don't have a computer to access www.atf.gov

11) Can I order my 10.25" barrel now?

12) So since the ban is expired, I can have a silencer now, right?

13) Since the ban has expired, I can order your kits to MD, NJ, CA.... etc. Right?

14) So I mean when I order the 'complete carbine kit less the stripped lower receiver' all I need is bullets, Right?

15) So all of your parts are USGI, What color are your parts?

16) Now that the ban has expired, how much are you discounting?

17) I want to look at one of your kits, can you send me one at 1/2 price for a look-see?

18) Are your barrels Chrome or Chrome Moly lined?

19) If your barrels are chambered Military 5.56 Nato will they fire civilian .223 now after AWB?

20) Will you take $10 for your 30 round USGI mags?

21) How much are your Beta C mags? (Since I waited too long to order from anyone who advertises them)

22) I'm looking for a pre ban lower

23) I need an A3 upper

24) I want a 10.25" barrel to convert my rifle to a pistol- send me an M4 collapsable stock, too.

and on and on and on....

So it's up to the members of www.ar15.com to help educate the willing! Keep it up!

Pre-Ban, Post-Ban... and "AFTER BAN".

Enjoy the sunset, but as Murphy said, "If it's Bad, it'll be back".

I'm afraid we've taught the devils how to write a 'better law'.

speak slowly and distinctly (I used to be blonde) when I say,
"Good Morning, M&A Parts, this is Doc"

p.s.- We know the website www.m-aparts.com is outdated and sucks, big time. We are having a teenager (you think we're kidding?) redesign it for us with pictures, shopping cart and dancing girls- the whole nine yards. Please stand-by.

Link Posted: 9/23/2004 8:50:21 AM EDT
Now thats informative!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!­!!!
Good one dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Link Posted: 9/23/2004 12:25:27 PM EDT
Geez.....I tought I had enough trouble explaining the expiration of the AWB to my girlfriend, buddies, and co-workers.........you get it from ALL angles. Hats off to ya, and keep up the fight!
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