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Posted: 6/4/2003 9:50:06 AM EDT
Eric the Ammoman: recently I bought a case of swiss ammo from you, and I know a lot of us are extremely happy with the accuracy of this. Since GP90 seems otherwise unavailable, I believe if you were to import from RUAG munitions their current manufacture 5.56 69gr sporting round, people would buy it if the price was reasonable. Just a suggestion.

a copy of my post from another swiss ammo thread:

shot some of the swiss ammo over the weekend out of my stock 20" bushy Vmatch rifle.
Jesus, this stuff lives up to it's billing. Barrel wear be damned (which i don't think will be a problem), but this stuff is more accurate than the federal 69 grain in my opinion.

Jesus, but the swiss put some quality and care into the manufacture of this stuff.
It's like I stumbled onto a nice big 1000 rd case of pristine 96 manufacture match ammo for 200 dollars delivered.

I hope to god that some of the newer GP90 with the standard copper jacket makes it onto the market surplused... the sooner the better.
AMMOMAN, if you can get some of this stuff, I'll buy a LOT of it. Or... if you can make a deal with RUAG munitions to import some of their Swiss P Target .223 Rem (5.56 X 45mm) ammo, I can't imagine a better and more unique line of accurate .223/5.56 for the shooters who favor it, and if it were only to be found on Ammoman.com... Sign me up! I tried emailing them but got nowhere, which is what I expected.

This is the link to the Ruag website and the ammo in question. It's essentially GP90 spec, but the 69 gr bthp match bullet is used instead of the 63 grain military bullet.


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