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Posted: 5/7/2003 12:37:54 PM EST
I hate the AK brake thats on my Bushmaster 14.5 inch bbl A2 AR!

It is so freakin LOUD it makes people leave the range (no kidding) A guy 45 feet away to the left of me said he could not stand it.

I want to remove it on my own and install a Wilson brake or KKF Brake

Question is on removal, I want to cut the damn thing off and use a cracker to remove.

Or I want to dremmel cut the darn thing off.

Or heat the hell out of it insert breaker bar and twist the POS thing off

Whats the a good home gunsmith method?

Anybody remove one without the hasel of sending it out?

Why the hell would BM put such dumb brakes on their AR's and better why the hell did I think it looked cool when I bought it??????????

Until I shot it that is....

I tried a cover from TAPCO damn thing flew off about 100 yards into the wild blue yonder DOWN RANGE. Funny I spent 8 bucks on it and watched it fly after just 2 rounds!!!!!!! The guy next to me said "holy that was a weird round" yeah it was a flying black TAPCO death AK brake cover round.

Am I dumb or what.

Just tell me the procedure for removong the AK brake form my 14.5 bbl and I will install a KKF and be HAPPY.

Thanks for reply
Link Posted: 5/7/2003 4:15:47 PM EST
If your brake was installed by Bushmaster at the factory, it's probably blind-pinned and welded. You can remove it easily by locating where the blind pin was installed and drilling or dremeling the pin out, or cutting the brake with your dremel and cracking it apart with a chisel. If it was silver soldered, you might be able to heat it up and unscrew it, but if you can't get it hot enough to melt the solder and take it off, you'll have to turn it off with a lathe or cut the barrel itself. Your new brake will need to be around 2.25" long or longer to bring the barrel out to 16" overall length with the thread overlap. The standard wilson brake's not long enough, and you'd have to get Kurt's "A3 tac-brake" which is extra long for 14.5" permanent installs.
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