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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 10/11/2002 2:23:16 PM EST
I saw my first ACOG TA01-NSN today and it had no markings at all - no numbers or manufacturer's marks, nothing.

Is that usual, or is this particular TA01-NSN unusual?

Link Posted: 10/11/2002 7:44:08 PM EST
Actually, there are quite a few markings on the TAO1nsn, including the serial number which will be stamped right into the scope above the occular lens, as well an nsn number that is molded into the scope, and tritium warning in a white stamp on the left side, abd Trijicon ACOG, some other number, and made in the USA molded into the right side. All the ones I have seen are the same.
Link Posted: 10/12/2002 11:21:21 AM EST
Not this one - doesn't have a letter or number anywhere I can see, went over it with a magnifying glass.
Link Posted: 10/12/2002 3:45:32 PM EST
Any chance it was an AIRSOFT copy ? There are quite a few LAM an PEQ fakes out there.
Link Posted: 10/12/2002 3:57:07 PM EST
*LOL* OMIGOD, yep, that's what it is, good call Ariel! Here's an article I found -



Review by: rk00
written: 02/26/01

Trijicon TA01NSN ACOG Replica

Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight

The very long awaited ultimate replica has been released. The ACOG is the most desired cosmetic upgrade that one can do to their Airsoft gun, but with costs of any where from $700.00 to $1,000.00 for an optic is just down right ludicrous. Well a few months ago my good friend Eddie from airsoft shop in Hong Kong told me that his friend was going to make a replica ACOG to sell. I was like "YES". I have been waiting for one of these for the longest time. I have even went to such extremes as calling Trijicon to become an authorized dealer for them just so I can get a blank "Shell" of the NSN ACOG, no luck. I then contacted several Trijicon dealers worldwide to see if they had any displays they were willing to sell, again no luck. I thought that I would never give my M4 or SR16 that ultimate look by finishing it off with the ACOG. Well know I can and I did.

When I first took the replica out of the box I couldn't help to notice the great weight it had. As some of you may not know, the replica is made on entire metal. Well I slapped the bad boy on my SR-16 and man it looks so awesome. The crosshairs are very close to the real ACOG featuring the bullet drop compensator for the 5.56mm bullet. The crosshairs on the replica are all black and are not the self lighted ones like the real ACOG offers, which in my opinion is more than enough for Airsoft.
Pictured here are the Real ACOG (left) and the replica (right).

As you can see they are so close its amazing. The replica does not feature the ACOG trademarks or anything such as trademarks at all. It does however as you can see feature the back up Iron sights for close combat. The other thing that can be improved on the Replica is that a focus ring should be present, and that the maker should use black colored O-rings instead of the pink colored O-rings. My other gripe is that the crosshairs are a little too fine and can be a little neater. I took it outside to test the clarity of the optics and the results, exceptional clear. Indoors the optics appear to be a little fuzzy, but when outside at further distances it clears right up. All in all I am very impressed with this replica.

I know they are pricey but are so cheap compared to the real steal ACOG, and they are functioning units. The replica does feature adjustment knobs as well. Supply on these are very hard to come by at the present time, as they have sold out already. The only places that i know of that can get them are, The Airsoft Depot (US), Airsoft Shop (Hong Kong), WGC (Hong Kong). So if anyone is interested in one, please let me know and you will be added to the waiting list.

Quick Rating for the ACOG Replica
(5 *'s being the highest)

Construction - ****
Lenses - ***
Weight - *****
Crosshairs - ***
Realism - ****

Overall - ****

written by: rk00

Link Posted: 10/13/2002 6:25:38 AM EST
Imagine the pain in the neck when the Airsoft companies start cloning the ARMS sir or Ras II.
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