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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 1/29/2006 10:32:14 AM EDT
I've got an itch to put together a new ar this winter. The idea of a ar pistol with a 7.62x39 11" upper from model 1 and an ar-47 lower had stuck in my mind the past couple of days...I figure you'll get better performance out of the 7.62 than the 5.56 in that short of a tube. My question is, has anyone ever put together a weapon like this? If so anything to consider over the 5.56 ar pistols (in terms of assembly)?
Link Posted: 1/30/2006 7:29:46 AM EDT
I built a pistol on an AR15 lower in the 7.62x39 caliber a while back. The M16 magazines aren't an issue for me since I have a few that work well and I don't need to carry 30 rounds in the magazine. After all, it gets kind of heavy then. Anyways, I had thought the same way you did that I would get the 7.62 upper and forego all the low MV issues. Well, I think that the 11.5" pistol would work well at close range (under 30 yds) and that the available ammo choices compared to the 7.62 are almost unlimited. The main thing I dislike about the 7.62 uppers at the moment is that the price of ammo has jumped up (temporarily I suspect) and that if you want a good selection of hunting and self defense rounds then you have only 3 or 4 choices. Remember, that is 3 or 4 choices when you add up the 2 self defense and 2 hunting choices! And you may not be able to get them in your area as they are not super-common. Most folks want Wolf FMJ ammo for 7 cents per. LE doesn't use it much and most AK owners don't want much more than cheap plinking ammo. So where does that leave an AR pistol owner? You can reload your own, but then they are around 15-20 cents each and you still won't find great bullets for them!

Basically, I figure that you might have a nice hunting pistol for the thick brush or a really fun range toy, but aside from that it's probably better to get the 5.56 upper. JMO. Oh, and as to accuracy- the 7.62x39 is quite accurate. I've seen 2 to 2 1/4 inch groups at 100 yds off the bench with the M1S kit, but the short sight radius is what holds back further accuracy. Maybe a nice scoped setup would let you tighten things up, but then if you leave the bench and shoot freehand you probably will be back to 3-4 MOA anyway! In short, does it perform better? Well no, but it's not worse either. Just different. If you could find a better bullet design for the 7.62 then I'm sure it would be a better option for a pistol, but until the ammo gets better then you are probably just as well off with the 5.56 upper. (now a 6.8 pistol might be something!)

Despite all the negative I've just said, my 7.62 pistol has seen more range and hunting time than anything else I own since I built it a year ago! Good luck with yours.
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