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Posted: 5/19/2005 5:03:56 PM EDT
Anyone start to make these yet? Anyone have an idea of what mag could be used in these?
Link Posted: 5/20/2005 2:46:00 PM EDT
There is only 1 mag that can be used. That is the FN 5-7 pistol mag.
Link Posted: 5/21/2005 11:18:40 PM EDT
I think a 7.62x25 upper would kick ass.
Link Posted: 5/22/2005 5:30:52 AM EDT
I got a 7.62x25 barrel done by Marty at Teppo Jutsu and it is now part of the best pistol caliber upper I have. It runs smooth and never has any type of trouble. It uses the standard 9mm bolt and I found that a "H" buffer worked great with this ammo. There is even HP ammo available now for this round.

I think that the 5.7x28 round would be good but the ammo (except for some new Winchester stuff) is not cheap! I think I would prefer a 22 Magnum or .17 HMR upper since the ammo can be bought almost any place but again magazines are a problem. Unless you can get a Grendel 30 round 22 Magnum magazine to work you are stuck with existing 7 to 10 round mags. I guess the problem is that not enough people want this stuff so no manufacturer wants to spend the time and money to develope it in the AR platform.
Link Posted: 5/22/2005 6:15:23 PM EDT
AR fan, what mags do you use with the 7.62X25?

Link Posted: 5/23/2005 2:21:49 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 5/23/2005 2:22:37 AM EDT by AR-fan]
I use PPS-43 mags and I leave the ridge on the back in place. I built a magwell adapter very similar to the Colt type magwell adapter except it has a curve on it to match the PPS-43 magazine. Due to PPS-43 mags being longer front to back, I decided to modify the rear piece that holds the ejector instead of the front ramp piece -- I wanted to keep a nice smooth ramp to the chamber.
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