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Posted: 5/7/2003 5:59:40 AM EST
I have picked up a couple of conversion mags for a USGI setup. The ones you drop into the USGI mag and your good to go. Seemed like a neat setup, and the price was right, so why not?

What is the proper way to install these mags? With the original spring?

Are these mags only good for the military .22 conversion, or will they work with other systems (Ciener, etc).

Link Posted: 5/7/2003 11:03:17 AM EST
The Ciener system is proprietary. Ciener's magazines work with Ciener conversion kits. I don't know for sure that others won't cause problems or jamming. If it's out of warranty, what have you got to lose? Just be prepared to buy a new kit if it breaks or jams or has a problem, without recompense or support from Ciener. Maybe someone else has tried it and it works....if so they will let us know. Mike
Link Posted: 5/7/2003 4:19:43 PM EST
The drop in mags will only work with the military M261 conversion. I have one and love it. It is rugged, robust and the only part on mine that has broken once is the positioning plate spring after many thousands of rounds. It cost me $4.50 to relace it. These kits are no longer in production, but can be found occaisionally online and at gunshows. They were made by Saco defense industries, then a division of colt under govt. contract. Sarcoinc.com has spare parts. To position the mag insert put the tail into the groove in the follower of the host mag, push down to clear the feed lips of the host and rock it back so that spring pressure holds in place by the feed lips,simple really. To remove use a small screw driver to pull the mag forward and slightly tipped anough to clear the feed lips and extract. Warning if you drop the host mag with insert, the insert is likely to go flying with great velocity.
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