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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 8/2/2003 3:44:03 AM EST
Let me 1st say that I am new to AR's and this was the 1st time I took my AR out to the range to really see what it could do accuracy wise. This was shooting using a bipod and a tasco scope. I put a target out at 100 yds. and started sighting in the scope. When I felt that it was sighted in pretty well I put a Birchwood-Casey impact target on the stand lined up the crosshairs on the 10 and blam! dead center. I was very pleased. My second shot, blam! checked the target and could not see any impact. I gave it a "wtf" I didn't even hit the target. My third shot, blam! again no mark on the target. I thought something is wrong here. When I had the chance I went out and checked the target. The reason I couldn't tell if I was hitting the target was that all 3 shots were in the same hole! I know 100 yds. is not that great of a distance but I was impressed that the rifle could do that.
Link Posted: 8/2/2003 4:00:10 AM EST
So, where did the next three shots go? Everyone will want to know rifle make and model and the kind of ammo you were using.
Link Posted: 8/2/2003 4:39:17 AM EST
[Last Edit: 8/2/2003 4:43:13 AM EST by GSSP]
Another 1st for me too! Mid June I order my chrome line M4 16" upper from Rock River. 1-2 weeks later I order their lower with NM trigger. Mean while I pick up 5 30-round mags, several cases of Federal XM193, an HST and a 3-point sling. I do lots of research on which optic to purchase. On Monday this week I settle on and order my compact 47-2 (2x amber triangle) ACOG. Somebody was smiling on me because it all came on Thursday. I inspect same. It's beautiful and in great shape. Assemple it, fondling included. Then yesterday, with a day off, I head to the range at dawn before it gets too hot and proceed to first check the sites a 25 then 50 yards. I then back off to 200 meter and site both the ACOG and open sites per the Santose method. My 45 yr old eyes are not the best any more but I was able to group 3" with the 0 MOA aimping point of the ACOG and knock a soda can off the top of the target once fully sighted in. Open site groups were akin to 10", good enough for this Army retiree's eyes. Next I go to 100 meters, not yards, and proceed to test 4 different types of ammo in 15 shot groups. The XM193 all goes into 3", the Win Q3131A is really nice with 15 staying in 2-1/8". Next come the heiver stuff. Win 64-gr Power Point is a wash at 4-1/2". Sufficient to drop a deer to feed my family if necessary but the treat was the Federal Gold Medal 69-gr loaded w/ the Sierra MatchKing BTHP. All 15 rounds in a nice 2" cluster. Some might say, 2", that's nothing. Even my 2x8 Balvar scope mounted on my old .222 would go 1/4" with the right handloads, but for a brand new rifle with only a 2x scope, that's Good Stuff to me! Not a jam one too! Next, I save my pennies for a Surefire light. The RR NM 2-stage trigger is incredibly sweet. Big Al
Link Posted: 8/2/2003 4:52:08 AM EST
I have a preban Olympic arms lower and a DPMS free float upper with rail system, trimount mounting rail for the scope, 20" match barrel, 1/9 twist. Stock trigger. I was using a Harris bipod. The ammo was 62 gr. Bosnian black tip. Well, as far as the next 3 shots goes I left after shooting that group. I guess I wanted to leave on a happy note. Like I said I am new to AR's and it was my 1st time out (beginner's luck maybe?) but I was very happy with the performance of the rifle. I am taking it out again tomorrow and hopefully I will have a similiar experience.
Link Posted: 8/2/2003 5:06:17 AM EST
We need to get you to a prarie dog town! I can't shoot that well - my eyeballs aren't as good as yours!
Link Posted: 8/2/2003 6:25:13 AM EST
Shoot a prairie dog? They are just too darn cute!:) But then again I am from Kentucky and we don't have prairie dogs (except maybe in western ky.) so I don't know what I am talking about. We have lots of squirrels and my wife's aunts from Okinawa thought they were cute. Tree rats more like it. I would probably very much enjoy prairie dog hunting though. They are considered a pest out west aren't they?
Link Posted: 8/2/2003 8:33:59 AM EST
Prarie dogs will ruin a field, and they leave lots of holes for cows to step into. The AR rules in a dog-town! They'll stand up to look around, and a 45gr JHP knocks them out of their holes!
Link Posted: 8/2/2003 8:39:46 AM EST
Sounds like you have a shooter....Good work!
Link Posted: 8/2/2003 11:36:28 AM EST
i shoot ground hogs!
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