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1/16/2020 9:48:49 PM
Posted: 12/30/2006 5:47:04 PM EST
Hello all i made the plunge the other day...
Went out got a RRA a2 standard.
So far i love it only did 63 rnds in it today.. but few questions

1. I was using wolf ammo with the polycoat and the red sealy thing, that i LATER found out after hours of cleaning that it caused problems and was discontinued in 03, yeah not good. I bought some xm193 but have yet to put those through

so i was wondering if this is part of normal cleaning process to run about 6 patches through and every time come out super black, scrub it down with the bore brush, and repeat several times, and still have it coming out dirty....
Mind you i followed the manual to the letter, but i was wondering if this is just a ammo issue.

2. Double feeds. During shooting and nothing too fast was regular placed had a double feed. What is the absolute safest option to continue with. I managed to get it undone do not remember how but i do know it was done with no issues, something along the lines of the mag removal.

3. THIS GUN IS SWEET, apparently some neighbors about 800-1k yards away were getting 'worried' due to some semi-auto fire going on, i found this out by some moron using a ATV on my property letting me know that people are getting worried. N/m the fact that he drove RIGHT where my body was facing(Gun was on my hands pointed towards the ground since i heard them coming and stopped immediately) and stopped there. I swear no clucking clue. Yes i am shooting on my property legally, into a gigantic hill where it has no chance of continuing onwards.
Link Posted: 12/30/2006 5:48:50 PM EST
Did you tell the neighbors to mind their own damn business and go back on their own property before you call the sheriff and have them arrested for trespassing?
Link Posted: 12/30/2006 6:15:01 PM EST
Congrats on your new rifle. Now step 1 is go out and get some good ammo and see what happens woth the double feed problem. Wolf is dirty nasty underpowered ammo. I will use it in AK's but never in my AR's. Some guys do but I don't.

Oh yeah. Where are the pics?
Link Posted: 12/31/2006 3:09:58 AM EST
Well i did tell them that there is nothing to worry about and inform the others that this will be happening more often.

I have no camera so there will be no pics however i am thinking of buying one just to get pics
Link Posted: 12/31/2006 3:23:44 AM EST
Congrats on your first AR and I say first because eventually there will be others. I remember the day I bought my first AR if felt like Christmas as a 10yr old boy everyday for a couple of months, actually I'm still excited about it 4 years later.

If Wolf came you trouble it could be your AR doesn't like it, a bad mag or the fact it's new possibly it wasn't lubed right. In my opinion Wolf isn't a bad ammo for range duty, there are a ton of stories about it but 75% of them are complete BS. Right now since you already had a small problem with Wolf I would probably go with something brass cased like AE .223 or Winchester white box .223 ect...

When cleaning your AR it's completely normal to have your patches come out black as hell. I highly reccommend getting a .223 bore snake and use that about 6-10 times and then run a couple of patches down the barrel. I get my barrel prettyt clean doing it that way and it's a lot easier than using a rod. Pretty much just follow the directions in your manual and you'll be good.

Good luck, stay safe and enjoy your new disease, BRD (trust me and everyone else here it's a disesae)
Link Posted: 12/31/2006 3:43:45 AM EST
First of all, congrats on your new rifle!!!

1: Wolf ammo is not evil. Whoever told you it was discountinued in 2003 was feeding you horse shit with a front loader.Let me guess, it was the gun store trying to sell you more expensive ammo? Wolf is absolutely fine, like the above poster stated, use it for plinking. Also, cleaning your rifle for hours? Something is wrong there. Granted it might be your first time and breaking it down might still be a learning experience, but you shouldnt be spending that much time. And yes, having patches come out dirty is normal. Wolf is alittle dirtier than other rounds, but its no big deal.

2: Double feeds. Are you sure they are double feeds? ie: two unfired rounds getting fed at once? Or is it a failure to extract (FTE) where the empty case from the round you just fired has not been ejected but the bolt has stripped off a new round and tried to load it into the chamber. This is a more common problem. This could be being caused by shortstroking or by a weak extractor. A good test to determine this is this:
-Unload the rifle and verify that it is clear.
-Check the bore for obstructions.
-Load the rifle with one round from the magazine. Use quality ammunition and a proven magazine for this.
-Aim downrange and fire, the bolt should catch on the bolt stop. Hold the rifle as loose as possible.
-Reload and repeat the process if the rifle does not lock open Depress the bottom of the bolt stop before firing this time. This allows for weak magazine springs, sticky followers, or an overly strong bolt catch spring.
-If the bolt does not lock open then there is a gas system problem. Investigate and repair the problem.
-If it only locks open with the bolt stop depressed, repeat the process with a different magazine. If the rifle still fails to function then look at the bolt stop as a probable culprit.
(Taken from Troubleshooting Checklist in the Troubleshooting Forum

If it isnt that, then you might have weak extraction. Check your extractor for chips or cracks. I had this same problem with my brand new Bushmaster about a year ago and found that by placing a #60 O-ring over the extractor spring, it increased extraction power and cleared up my problems right away.

Hope this helps some, congrats again! are you from the WNY area?
Link Posted: 12/31/2006 3:43:53 AM EST
[Last Edit: 12/31/2006 3:53:54 AM EST by Sivnet]
Ok well the camera is on the way so that will be another thread. Yes BRD hit me b4 i got the rifle, when i saw it was upgradeable to 308 458 50 and some others that was it. Right now i have a very very good question.

a pistol grip that protrudes conspicuously beneath the action of
the weapon
- does this mean a pistol grip itself OR a pistol grip that accepts a magazine?? Cause here in ny i can only have 1 evil feature and if the pistol grip is it i will be SADDD

Ya my rifle was coming out blacker than dirt, i will try a bore snake as well, the lube job i am unsure of looked ok to me prior to firing, but who knows. Also this may have been because of the red sealant. I heard this stuff sucks major for your gun AFTER i shot it. Speaking of which how do you dispose of ammo safely?

But i am sure i will have plenty more q's statements and others things of relative intelligence to say!

No it wasn't the ammo guy he didn't say squat about it other than your total is..., but wolf according to a website says they discontinued the red sealant stuff in 2003 (they weren't trying to sell ammo) and then stated that there is not really any more issues with wolf. It was also a double feed. 2 rounds came up both trying to get into the bore, i was not the shooter so i saw the brass flying and the 2 rounds in there at once. Also it was only about 1:30 but yes being my 1st ar that was definitely time consuming, but i ran the bore snake and patches through there till the cows came home.

Also i went through mostly a 10 rnd mag, i have 2 30s, but we used the 10 rnder mostly (brother and i so we can take turns SHARING IS CARING!!!) the bolt opened every time no issues on the last round so i still highly doubt an extraction problem.
Link Posted: 12/31/2006 4:19:04 AM EST
i had a double feed problem with a cheap mag, the curved over lips were further apart than a good mag. replaced mag with a good one and no more problems. i'm thinking about rebending the bad mag and seeing how it works, maybe finding some firing caps i heard about to try it.
Link Posted: 12/31/2006 4:36:32 AM EST

As far as the pistol grip is concerned, yes, it is the one and only evil feature you may have on your rifle. You may want to address specific AWB questions in the NY Hometown Forum. They will be able to answer all your questions.

As to your insistant distain for Wolf ammo, if you want to get rid of it, seriously, send it to me. I will more than gladly take it. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH IT. I dont know what to tell you other than what you keep saying is misinformation. But if you really do not like, it is your choice. Seriously, send it to me.
Link Posted: 12/31/2006 4:59:09 AM EST
Nah not worth it only some 30 rounds, i might as well blow through it, i had no problems with wolf, until the cleaning. Tell ya what though the price was right! 100 rnd for 20 bucks i loved it, i am not really complaining so much as just concerned. I will have to see how the fedy stuff does and make a comparison from there as of right now i don't know enough to truly say ya or nay.

AND I WANT MORE EVIL FEATURES!!!! guess it is back to DnD and raiding town villages.....
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