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Posted: 10/10/2004 7:41:44 AM EDT
Since with any luck I'll be getting my barrel ordered by the the end of the week I'm trying to stop second guessing myself. The more I read though the more I do.

Has anybody PERSONALLY (not read someplace) had trouble with shooting any of the ammo out of the 1/7 twist barrels?

I've read in hte last two days or so that a 1/7 twist won't stabilize a 55gr bullet as well as a 1/9 and I've read that a 1/7 will do just fine. It'll most likely be shooting 55 or 62gr bullets out of it and I'm just looking for personal experience before my head explodes
Link Posted: 10/10/2004 8:45:32 AM EDT
I have a bbushy with a 1/7 and have no problems with anything from 55 -70 grs. I have not as of yet tried any lighter stuff like 40 -50 gr. but the twist may be a little too fast for those and overstabalize Iam told whatever the hell that means but anywho I got a couple of hundred rounds of Federal 40 grain hollow points I got for free from a friend who nolonger has a gun to shoot them in so Ill give it a go and see what happens.
Link Posted: 10/10/2004 9:56:17 AM EDT
I have a colt 1-7t barrel, so far - factory loaded ammo shoots 2moa (55gr fmj) and my hand loads shoot 1moa (55grsoft point) 52gr match bullets even do better than that. That doesn't mean there isn't a good factory load out there - you just keep looking
Link Posted: 10/10/2004 10:05:02 AM EDT
Never had trouble with 1/7 and 55gr.
Link Posted: 10/10/2004 10:22:16 AM EDT
I have only shot 55gr from my BM 1/7 and have had no problems.
Link Posted: 10/10/2004 12:08:20 PM EDT
I have two ARs and a Mini with 1:7 twist. Nary a problem such as you describe with any ammo from the 40gr Blitz to the 69gr match.
Link Posted: 10/10/2004 2:24:34 PM EDT

Originally Posted By Snaps:

I've read in hte last two days or so that a 1/7 twist won't stabilize a 55gr bullet as well as a 1/9 and I've read that a 1/7 will do just fine. It'll most likely be shooting 55 or 62gr bullets out of it and I'm just looking for personal experience before my head explodes

I know you didn't read that here!

So far I and everyone(I'm pretty sure) here has had great results shooting 55gr XM193 from 1-7 barrels. I think it's rather funny that 99% of the people who spout this bullshit don't have a 1-7 barrel or else they'd know better...
Link Posted: 10/10/2004 2:25:45 PM EDT
I too shoot 55gr outa 1/7 CMMG M4 barrel.
Link Posted: 10/10/2004 2:32:19 PM EDT

Originally Posted By Combat_Jack:
Never had trouble with 1/7 and 55gr.


I qualified with a 1 X 7" and M193 and shot way more better than enough to get my Garand.

Link Posted: 10/10/2004 3:12:25 PM EDT
55 to 77's all shot fine at 100. 77's did better at 400 yards. I think its a great barrel twist for the 223.
Link Posted: 10/10/2004 7:20:50 PM EDT
I've had 45 gr disintegrate before hitting the 100 yard target using my 1/7 20"Colt barrel.
Link Posted: 10/11/2004 8:21:02 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 10/11/2004 8:28:30 AM EDT by M4A2_L073754]
I´ve got Bushy 20" Govt Profile and I´ve shot about 2500 rounds loaded with 55 and 62 gr bullets without any problem. This barrel seems to like 62gr.

Link Posted: 10/11/2004 9:01:07 AM EDT
I've got a 20" Colt 1/7 and the only thing I've noticed is that is tears apart the Vmax type varmint bullets. Friend and I were shooting some over some water into the far bank and we noticed no target effects but did notice little splashed in the water about 10m in front of the rifle. We decided the bullets were being torn apart by the centrifugal force.

No problems with 55 grain or heavier. They stabilize just fine.
Link Posted: 10/11/2004 9:35:46 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 10/11/2004 9:45:38 AM EDT by BillofRights]
No problems with colt 16" 1/7 55 gr and 62 gr. The 1/7 imparts more spin, hence stability then 1/9. The only problem that can occur is with light, ultra high velocity bullets (40 grain or less). The spin rate and centifugal forces can become so great that the bullet literally pulls apart in mid air.
Link Posted: 10/11/2004 1:16:38 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 10/11/2004 1:17:26 PM EDT by BRONZ]
No problems with my 1/7 Colt.

55 gr. almost went through a 1/2" plate steel, SS109 sailed right through.

wish I had a camera that day....
Link Posted: 10/11/2004 2:34:46 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 10/11/2004 2:35:28 PM EDT by YO_Doc]
After 8 years with a 1/7 Colt barrel and several thousand rounds of 55 grn with no problems what so ever.
Link Posted: 10/11/2004 2:44:34 PM EDT
1:7, CMMG barrel, no problems with Winchester whitbox 55grn, Wolf 55grn, or XM193 55grn.

Link Posted: 10/11/2004 9:25:03 PM EDT
Link Posted: 10/12/2004 4:31:59 AM EDT

I have a Colt Match Target with the 1/7 barrel. The 1/7 is somewhate faster than needed dor 55 bullets, but I have used it with 50s, 52s, 55s, 60s, 62s, and 64s without difficulty. A 1/8 or 1/9 wil also handle all of the above, but don't worry about using 55s in a 1/7...

Link Posted: 10/12/2004 8:56:31 AM EDT
Back in the mid to late 80's, 55gr was all that we had available.....

DO NOT shoot thin skin varmit bullets at full throttle from a 1x7 barrel.. the bullet will EXPLODE" in flight. Seen it.. rifle goes bang, about 75-100yd downrange, you hear a "POP" and see a puff of smoke. The rotational forces (centrifical - spelling?) are so great the bullet disintigrates.
Link Posted: 10/12/2004 9:19:28 AM EDT

"POP" and see a puff of smoke.

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