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9/16/2019 10:09:13 PM
Posted: 8/23/2004 2:46:00 PM EDT
Just curious.

Link Posted: 8/23/2004 3:27:07 PM EDT
Most of the time...

But I do 50/50 at classes.
Link Posted: 8/23/2004 3:28:46 PM EDT

Originally Posted By Timanator:
Most of the time...

Link Posted: 8/23/2004 3:40:44 PM EDT
Very rarely these days, although i had a bunch of A2 rifles in the beginning.
Link Posted: 8/23/2004 4:40:49 PM EDT
Have two ARs, one with irons and one with a scope. Same with my AKs. I prefer shooting both with the irons, in daylight conditions they're faster and nearly as accurate.
Link Posted: 8/23/2004 5:25:10 PM EDT
I have optics but I find myself going back to the irons more and more these days...
Link Posted: 8/23/2004 6:21:12 PM EDT
I keep putting these red-dots on my AR, BUT after a few minutes at the range, I always get bored and switch to irons...

I think I do the red-dot thing because I'm "supposed to".
Link Posted: 8/23/2004 6:28:44 PM EDT
I like the view I get from iron...

Link Posted: 8/23/2004 6:39:46 PM EDT
I'm almost afraid to admit that I still don't own any optics for my M4gery. I'll probably get an Aimpoint sometime this fall (almost got one last spring but bought another toy instead). I don't mind the irons at all and I'm usually pleased with my performance when using them.
Link Posted: 8/23/2004 6:57:12 PM EDT
The only rifle i own that's got glass on it is my .50 BMG.

Anything else, iron works. but with that .50, you can reach way beyond irons.
Link Posted: 8/23/2004 7:38:00 PM EDT
this is sort of the online equivalent of the old "Great Taste. Less Filling" commercials!
Link Posted: 8/23/2004 7:49:12 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 8/23/2004 7:52:29 PM EDT by inkaybee]

Originally Posted By brassburn:
this is sort of the online equivalent of the old "Great Taste. Less Filling" commercials!

Welcome to ar15.com
get used to it.

Aimpoint vs Eotech
16 vs 14.5
1/ vs 1/9
m4 vs HBar
ARMS vs LaRue
Colt vs Bushmaster
6.8 SPC vs 6.5 Grendal
Vltor vs Magpull

and on and on it goes
Link Posted: 8/23/2004 9:10:06 PM EDT
I do, if it's good enough for the Army and USMC it's good enough for me. Granted it's hard to be accurate to 300 meters with irons out to 100 isn't too bad and anything less it's hard to miss.
Link Posted: 8/23/2004 9:43:14 PM EDT
I used to use nothing but irons... Then I fucked around and bought an ACOG... Now its more like, nothing but red triangle. ACOG's are sweet.

The Pig
Link Posted: 8/23/2004 9:45:18 PM EDT
I grew up using irons. Now I don't have to anymore.
Link Posted: 8/23/2004 9:57:04 PM EDT
I use Irons, and as long as my eyes hold out I wouldnt have it any other way
Link Posted: 8/24/2004 8:43:09 AM EDT
I only use irons right now, but that's soon to end when I scrape up the free cash to blow on an Aimpoint and mount...
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