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Posted: 9/12/2003 6:09:00 AM EDT
...absolutely top notch.  He got me set up with a TA31 at a great price in record time.

My primary carbine is now right where I want it, thanks to Mike.  

Link Posted: 9/12/2003 11:32:33 AM EDT

Mike Cecil is a pleasure to do business with, and a nice guy to boot.   He recently hooked me up with another TA11.

Link Posted: 9/12/2003 2:50:59 PM EDT
#1: He stayed on after quitting time when I had trouble getting my credit card to clear at the website...

#2: He told me about the 5% discount, and voided my order so that I could re-order and save a few bucks...

#3: He hooked me up with a TA-31F at an amazing price when I couldn't even find one elsewhere...

So, in my eyes, he's: DA MAN!
Link Posted: 9/12/2003 3:26:10 PM EDT
Got my TA31 from Mike and Co. Thursday.

I said it before, if it weren't for CS and Mike, I would not have TA31 sitting on top of my rifle now...or probably ever.

GREAT price and GREAT service.
Link Posted: 9/12/2003 3:34:54 PM EDT
 Looks like Mike and CS Gunworks will soon be advertising here on AR15.com.  The only problems with those two are as follows...I didnt even know what customer service was until dealing with Mike.  This excellent service, combined with the OUTSTANDING prices at CS Gunworks will then cause my main problem...all of my spare cash will be flowing his way.  The prices at CS Gunworks seem impossible to beat.
  Thank you Mike,
  Thank you CS Gunworks,
Link Posted: 9/12/2003 11:14:30 PM EDT
I wasn't aware of him until a few days ago.  I was looking for a dirt cheap red dot.  CS offers to get me one they know about, even though they don't stock it.  All that for a really low priced item they won't be seeing hardly any profit on.  Talking about going out of your way...I'm impressed, and now I will be a customer.
Link Posted: 9/13/2003 2:29:44 AM EDT
Hopefully other established AR15.com dealers would try to catch up with CS Gunworks.

Competition among dealers is a very healthy thing.
Link Posted: 9/13/2003 4:43:56 AM EDT
Link Posted: 9/13/2003 8:21:12 AM EDT
 I dont want to sound like an a$&hole, or cross any lines here, but will you ever welcome some much needed competition and diversity for consumers who are shopping for gun related gear?  Low prices are a HUGE incentive for consumers to shop at store A versus store B, but many people will swayed by customer service and attention to detail.  Take a look at what kind of comments people are making about Mike and CS Gunworks...it says alot for what makes consumers happy and loyal.  Is it just me or are you very "anti" Mike and CS Gunworks? (I can understand this due to the fact that as of this time they are not industry partners with AR15.com and you are.)  Will you still feel the same way when they are an industry partner with AR15.com?  Once again, I am NOT trying to cause problems, just making some observations.
Link Posted: 9/13/2003 10:37:08 AM EDT
Link Posted: 9/13/2003 12:14:09 PM EDT
CS Gunworks also has a great website that is easy to navigate through.  None of that "email me for price" BS.  Simply place your order and it is taken care of.

BTW, this is a completely unsolicited endorsement.  If anyone wants to jump in and hawk their own business or disparage Mike, start your own thread.  I tried working through 4 dealers who advertise here on AR15.com, and not a single one had what I wanted in stock, or had a competitive price.  I had to fight credit card charges with 2 different dealers who were happy to charge my credit card but not deliver the promised merchandise.    

Mike took care of me.  That means a lot.    

Link Posted: 9/13/2003 12:40:35 PM EDT
Funny, after reading a post here about 2 weeks ago I went to cs's website filled out the member thing and did some browsing. Then the very next day I get an email from mike asking me about how/where I found out about them. I replied that I saw a post here about ta31's and that cs was recommended. And I mentioned that I was looking to buy one as well. Here's the funny part, this was about 2 weeks ago, I've yet to hear a peep out of him since. I found that odd since he had contacted me in the first place with a few questions. I would have figured in the very least he would have gotten back to me about the ta31 but, not a single word. I usually ignore those types of emails but, he sounded sincere and I wanted that ta31, so I responded back to him.

edited to add:

I just checked my emails it was 8 days ago, not quite 2 weeks.. :)
Link Posted: 9/13/2003 12:44:25 PM EDT
Yep he is amazing. I had two problems with my order and he really put his efforts into solving it. Also, unlike some other vendors, he admitted his company has had made some mistakes. I really appreciate that attitude.

I don't know about other stuff, but his Trijicon prices are also very competitive. If I'm going to buy another Trijicon product I know where I'm going to.
Link Posted: 9/13/2003 12:54:14 PM EDT
Who could beat the price of a $864.08 TA31F shipped?

$22.50 shipping/handling included of course.
Link Posted: 9/13/2003 1:12:10 PM EDT
Link Posted: 9/13/2003 1:16:44 PM EDT
Link Posted: 9/13/2003 6:04:01 PM EDT
I dealt with Mike on one occassion - last week.

Mike, who saw my WTT: Leupold M1 3.5-10 x 40 for TA31, answered my add.  In the end, Mike did practically an EVEN TRADE for my M1 which is something NO OTHER DEALER I know of would ever do.  Not only that, he shipped me the NIB TA31 via UPS BLUE as part of the deal so I could have it in time for a qualification.

What more could you ask for???

All I can say to other dealers (many of whom I've bought from before, and will buy from in the future) is this: If you want to attract business, then be competitive; have the items in-stock; and list your prices!  If CS Gunworks can LIST a NIB TA31 for $793 on their website, and deliver, then all the power to him.  Apparently he has no problem ADVERTISING and DELIVERING on those prices.  

EDITED to add:  When I brought the scope to the Post Office for shipment, it cost me EXACTLY $20 for shipping, insurance and delivery confirmation.
Link Posted: 9/13/2003 6:16:01 PM EDT
Who could beat the price of a $864.08 TA31F shipped?

$22.50 shipping/handling included of course.
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This guy will.


He sometimes does better pricing for members of AR15.com.
Link Posted: 9/13/2003 6:23:40 PM EDT
Link Posted: 9/13/2003 6:27:23 PM EDT
[size=6]I am looking forward to CS becoming a dealer on here and helping sponsor the site....[/size=6]

Me too.
Link Posted: 9/13/2003 6:27:46 PM EDT
C4iGrant - Hey, no offense but I scrounge, search, and browse a lot of websites looking for info, prices, pictures...I hit one that says "E-mail me"....I'm gone. You guys don't even have pictures of your stuff.

My point is there are enough other websites out there for me to find what I'm looking for without going thru the hassle of e-mail you for what I want. Maybe I don't know what I want till see how much, maybe I don't know what I want yet period or trying to decide between several things. It easier to hit another sight.

My browsing and pricing etc. is part of my thought process on deciding what and when and how much...another example is..I've got this gunshop I go to (not to often) and every gun has a pricetag and every pricetag is face down. I've got to call the guy over, on every gun, just to see how much it is. I know after 3 or 4 gun browsing or questions, he's getting po'd (lol). I've bought several guns this year and NONE from him.

As far as updating pricing and websites, I've seen CS change DAILY as quanity and price change. So it is not impossible. Could your price and service have equaled what I got from CS...maybe, but with your website layout and policies..we'll never know.

BTW, when I bought by TA31 I was just browsing but Mike and CS answered all my questions and made it so darn easy...I jumped at it! I wasn't planning on getting one for 3 months, I'm glad I didn't wait...going to sight it in tomorrow and don't have to worry about price increases and/or availibility.
Link Posted: 9/13/2003 6:34:19 PM EDT
BTW members, let us not forget that G&R Tactical Outfitters are board sponsers and deserve respect and support. I certainly did not mean anything but a constructive viewpoint in my earlier post.

I am just very happy with my dealing with CS and in no way (other than the web site policy) ment any knock on G&R as I have not had any dealing with them...yet.
Link Posted: 9/13/2003 6:38:20 PM EDT
Link Posted: 9/13/2003 6:40:15 PM EDT
Link Posted: 9/13/2003 6:42:33 PM EDT
I THINK this is the point that C4iGrant is so gently trying to make.

It's pretty tiring when you've come such a long way in starting a business, you go through paying to be a supporting member of this site.

Then you pay additional fees to be a dealer on this site.

Then someone who does not pay to be on this site comes on and touts the service and pricing of a dealer who does not support or even post on this site.

NO OFFENCE TO ANYONE. Paying or non-paying members. I'm just telling you how I would feel were I in C4iGrant's shoes.

ALSO, this public service announcement is only my opinion and does not reflect the opinion(s) of G & R Tactical Outfitters whatsoever.
Link Posted: 9/13/2003 6:45:50 PM EDT
Link Posted: 9/13/2003 7:01:04 PM EDT
That'll be $20 please.

Or I could just post a few more "strategically placed comments" and we could work out a deal on gear.

Your call.
Link Posted: 9/13/2003 7:11:05 PM EDT
[b]"I am just trying to make folks aware that other dealers offer the same or better pricing...."[/b]

Unfortunately Grant, as I stated in an email to you after the fact, I NEVER KNEW YOU EVEN CARRIED ACOGS because they're not listed on your website!

Folks, Grant is a GREAT guy.  And I've bought from him in the past on several occassions, and I'll most likely buy from him in the future.  But we're a group of smart consumers here, and when someone lets others know about a dealer selling a product for as much as $150 less (SWFA vs. CS Gunworks) on a particular product (TA11), then interests will be peaked.  And when that same dealer beats the COMPETITIVE board dealers by another $40-$50, then the interest REALLY peaks.

See my point?
Link Posted: 9/13/2003 8:19:37 PM EDT
Appreciate your response to my earlier questions.  I look forward to seeing your new and updated web page.  I will definitely drop in and check it out.
 Thanks much,
Link Posted: 9/13/2003 8:21:30 PM EDT
Oh yes he has beat [b]EVERYBODY"S[/b] price.
On all the parts I have asked about.

The [b]BIG[/b] reason I like Grant is that, I can read about something here and IM as I want to get info about it. He gets back to me right away. He is intrested in my buisness, and treats me with respect.

P.S. I got the same "How did you find out about us e-mail" from CS, and it took him about a week to reply to my questions.
I sent two e-mails, and got the same form type response on both. Not knocking Cs, just I like Grant better. Much Better.

Link Posted: 9/13/2003 9:26:59 PM EDT
Is this the web page that you guys are talking about?

Link Posted: 9/13/2003 10:55:57 PM EDT
Link Posted: 9/14/2003 4:18:20 AM EDT
Link Posted: 9/23/2003 11:44:42 AM EDT
Link Posted: 9/23/2003 1:40:55 PM EDT
 I WILL be one of the first to order from you once your up and running on AR15.com!
 I eagerly await...
Link Posted: 9/23/2003 6:25:42 PM EDT
Not to take away from any other dealer on this board, but Mike is a class act and went above and beyond in our transaction!  I look forward to seeing "DEALER" under his name in the near future.
Link Posted: 9/26/2003 9:22:48 AM EDT
Link Posted: 9/26/2003 11:38:46 AM EDT
I recently bought a TA31 from Mike, & the customer service was outstanding. I am glad to hear that he will be a dealer on AR15.com in the near future....

So far, I have had nothing but positive experiences with the dealers on this site. Wes & the guys at MSTN, the guys at CQB Solutions, Carla at ArmaLite, the staff at GG&G have all been super to deal with....and I look forward to doing business with C4 in the near future.

It's nice to deal with people who are knowledgeable about the products they sell. I absolutely hate salespeople who know nothing about their products. If they are content to take the money to sell the stuff, they should at least make the effort to learn enough about it to answer questions.

To all the dealers I mentioned above, [beer]   my hat's off to all of you for your good work.
Link Posted: 10/6/2003 2:25:33 PM EDT
Link Posted: 10/6/2003 2:53:46 PM EDT
  YEE-HAW time to order!!! Talk to you soon Mike!!
Link Posted: 10/6/2003 4:51:30 PM EDT
Link Posted: 10/6/2003 7:20:35 PM EDT
Link Posted: 10/7/2003 1:24:51 AM EDT
Just got to mention it again.  I just got a Red Dot from CSG, and Mike had to really work with me and do some legwork to get this unit as they don't even stock it - he did it for me, and the unit was low priced so it's not like he did it for a large profit.  Thanks again Mike for going the extra mile for a small time customer! I got the unit quick, I am happy, will let you know how it works out so you may decide whether to add it to your inventory.  Now that is what I call customer service!
Link Posted: 10/7/2003 2:48:43 PM EDT
 The TA11C is tucked away in my safe awaiting the SEBR's arrival.  I really like the EoTechs (have one on my RRA M4gery) and could use one on my Bushmaster....Hmmmm..Lets talk. I will send an Email your way.  Eagle Industries cases arrived last night, Thanks again for the top notch service and welcome aboard AR15.com.
Link Posted: 10/10/2003 6:55:07 PM EDT
Link Posted: 10/15/2003 3:32:29 AM EDT
Just wanted to say Thanks again to Mike and CS Gunworks.  Mike called me last night to give me a heads up on some items that we had discussed in the past and that he would soon have them in stock.  I dont think you will find better attention to detail and customer service. If there is something that you want or need I would HIGHLY recommend calling Mike.
 Thanks again Mike,
Link Posted: 10/15/2003 6:24:33 AM EDT
Just want to add my $.02......

Dealt with Mike on a new TA-11 and wanted to get a 19S mount with it at the same time. Mike was just in the process of getting up and running with carrying the ARMS mounts and didn't have one in stock. Went above and beyond for me and had one shipped directly from ARMS to me, Helluva guy !!

Thanks again Mike !!
Link Posted: 10/20/2003 4:04:26 PM EDT
Link Posted: 11/17/2003 11:28:32 AM EDT
I have posted this in 'Best Optic' thread but I thought it would be appreciated here as well....

Here's my 2cents.
I find the red dot in the ACOG very sharp and clear. I just got a TA11 from www.csgunworks.com . Both Grant at G&R Tactical Outfitters (both dealers registered here) and Mike at C&S were great to deal with and both had the same prices once the ARMS19s was added in. I went for the TA11 over the TA31 due to eye relief because it might visit a FAL once in a while, and I don't want to wear it. However, now that I have it mounted on my flat top AR, I'm thrilled I went with the TA11. I have already ordered an A1 stock to replace my current A2 stock to help me get closer without leaning into it. It's also a little brighter and more forgiving of eye placement. But regardless, the BAC donut is excellent. You walk from bright to dark or visa versa and you don't have to re-adjust anything, it just looks perfect all the time. And everytime I put down my rifle I think "did I turn it off?" then I think "Ha, never again!" Switches, knobs, dials are acceptable only if you can't shell out for an ACOG (which I can certainly understand, this thing cost more than the rifle. For really really close CQB, a non magnified red dot would be superior, but not by enough to give up the 3.5x at everything beyond CQB.
One further note. Trijicon ships these thing with only one of two mounting screws, which is just silly. A thousand dollar scope and mount and one screw? Trijicon seems to think all ACOG's go on carry handles. I went to a local tool and fastener store and got five of them (exact match, black allen/button head, and though the manual says 1-32 it's really 10-32x1/2) and lock washers for a whopping no charge, yes free. I have never been to this store before so it's not like I'm a buddy, they are just that cheap to purchase that it wasn't worth their time to ring it up. I think Trijicon could save a lot of greif for dealers and custmers alike if they would cough up for the extra screw on an item this expensive. Heck, if it was a BSA from Wal-Mart, I would expect a second mounting screw!

Link Posted: 11/18/2003 4:46:03 PM EDT
Link Posted: 11/18/2003 6:30:27 PM EDT
Here's my story: Ordered an EOTECH from Mike. They were on back order and delayed longer than he expected. He had one shipped directly from the factory overnight to my office at the end of last week. Today he calls me at my office to ask how I liked the EOTECH and to let me know that he did not forget to send me the cover (which was free) since it had to be shipped separately. Now that's customer service.

I am a *very* satisfied customer!!!!


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