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Posted: 4/14/2007 4:17:38 PM EDT
Apparently, they are still around. They have a 150,000 sq ft facility in L.A. but they don't make magazines at the moment. The president of their parent company recently posted this on another BBS and he wants you to email him if you want magazines:

New to this forum. It seems as Precision Mag Industries still has a reputation for highest level of quality. Seems like rumors of PMIs downfall have been one of myth and lore. PMI is in fact still a California business and I am in fact the President of PMI. PMI was/is an offshoot of a contract manufacturing company started in 1953 specializing in high volume metal stampings and sub assemblies catering to the automotive and appliance markets. That company is Punch Press Products, inc. (www.punch-press.com) and is still going strong today. I have the pleasure of being the President of PPP as well. Our experience in high end markets, the tooling, and process we used back then is what set us apart and apparently what all of you measure the others against. The ORGINAL tooling and fixtures for all steel parts and the plastic follower are still in existence and owned by PPP (in storage at PPP facilities). It has not been operated since the original AWB. Not being exclusively a gun oriented company; the AWB scared us off and many other companies like us. I'm writing this because one - I'm surprised to see the following this product still garners, and two - interested in learning what market there may still be for our mags and whether the limited AWB repeal should convince us to enter into this again. The tools and assy process can somewhat easily be turned back on if the volumes are there and the legalities of any remaining AWB legislature (CA and MA?) do not prohibit re-entry.

One more thing…. Many have tried to copy the design of a PMI product - some have even used components of the company name to influence PMI memories - but none have the process and tooling capabilities to produce the part in the same way.

Thanks for reading. I'm interested to hear the response this message gets.

Go to the PPP web site and search my email link if you would like to correspond one-on-one.


Here's his email (his name is C.J. Matiszik): cj_matiszik@Punch-Press.com
Link Posted: 4/14/2007 7:49:56 PM EDT

Since they are in California, are they even allowed to manufacture mags over 10 rounds?

Link Posted: 4/15/2007 12:53:09 PM EDT

Originally Posted By CWatson:
Since they are in California, are they even allowed to manufacture mags over 10 rounds?


Link Posted: 4/15/2007 6:44:12 PM EDT
Tell them to wake up and hook us up with some 40 rounders for the AR!
Link Posted: 4/16/2007 1:23:11 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 4/16/2007 1:27:16 PM EDT by xm15e2s]
I sent this Email today to PMI link above.

Sir, You sent out a request for feedback, about possibility of making Ruger PMI mags again.

A lot has changed since you last made them.
Prior to the ban, this was the ranking of ruger mags.
1. Ruger factory 30s. kinda hard to get
2. Ruger factory 20s. kinda hard to get
3. Thermold
4. PMI
5. Others, all of which were junk!

Today this is where it is.
1. Ruger factory 30s. Not made anymore but still the best and costs the most.
2. Ruger factory 20s. VERY EASY to get, priced $29-40.
3. Thermold. Not made anymore
4. PMI, Not made at present
5. Promag polymer
6. Others, all of which are junk.

What will the ranking be in the future, taking into account what is out there and what will be out there soon?
1. Ruger factory 30s, wont ever be made again, whats out there are big$ and hard to get
2. Ruger factory 20s. Will still be made and are priced a little high.
3. Cproducts company stated they will make Ruger mags by 07 end. These should be super high quality and low prices. they may surpass factory Ruger.
4. Thermold, these will never be made again.
5. PMI new production!
6. Promag
7. All others, junk

Sir, PMI did make some very nice mags!!! They were highly regarded! They did not exceed or equal Factory Ruger mags. They came close to Thermold. Cproducts may take the market by storm if they do produce as promissed.
There would be a market for PMI new mags. Your company in my opinion should make them before Cproducts makes theirs. If PMI are made again, consider adding Teflon coatings to attract more customers.
Good luck Sir. I own PMI Ruger mags and have always been pleased.
Link Posted: 4/16/2007 5:41:49 PM EDT
WTF is this guy thinking and how could he be president of a company? The DAY that the ban sunset I would have had every warehouse I could find FULL and ready to ship. They could have stamped them LE/govt. if they had to. Oh well, I'm just a poor dirt farmer, what do I know.
Link Posted: 4/16/2007 8:04:02 PM EDT
Plowboy, only how to feed America and my family for which I say, thank you.
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