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Posted: 3/29/2009 2:22:26 PM EDT
Hello folks, I,ve been reading ya`lls forums for about a week now and have absorbed a lot of info. on ak`s in general and a great deal about my particular model, thanks. I want to mount a scope on my yugo underfolder and still be able to use the iron sights. I always leave the stock extended so it does`nt matter if it no longer folds properly with the scope rail and side mount installed.I`ve used some short pieces of vibration dampening foam tubeing [ like on push mower handles) near the end of the buttstock rails for a better cheek weld (can slip on larger peices of pipe inslation) but then it won`t fold. Now for my intended question, will the model ( mpk2) three point side rail and the (mtk-83) hi-mount scope bracket (bp-01) fit my rifle? I saw these parts at Tantal.Kalashnikov. I saw something similar somewhere on this site that LIQUID METAL had on his underfolder.I bought mine new in 2006, it`s a Century build with D.C. receiver,green mountain barrel,and what appears to be the orig.black plastic grips(not new) and orig. forend wood.The fit and finish seemed very good compared to most other ak`s I`ve seen, it only required very minor elev. adj. to zero at 50 yd`s. I apologize for all the rambling,this computor stuff is rough for an old guy and I just wanted to provide as much pertinant info. as possible.Damn,took me 30 minutes to get all this down(with my son`s help.Again thanks for any info. or advice on this matter.Sincerely,Bill.
Link Posted: 3/29/2009 4:32:04 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 3/29/2009 4:40:25 PM EDT by Liquidmetal]
I have installed MPK2s on three of my Yugos, but they have been fixed stock rifles (M70B1s and a M72). I don't see why you couldn't do this, but you'll have to live with some compromises because of the underfolding stock.

The first problem, as you have already noted, is the inability to fold the stock with the mount in place. The second problem is the fact that the MTK-83/BP-01 slides onto the rail from the rear, something that will not be possible on your underfolder due to interference from the folding mechanism on the receiver of the rifle. I compared my M70AB2 to one of my M70B1s with a MPK2 and it looks like this problem can be overcome by doing the following:

1) Fit the MPK2 to the rifle.
2) Remove the MPK2 from the rifle and mount the BP-01 to the rail (you may have to adjust the clamp, be sure to do this now).
3) Mount the MPK2 and the BP-01 to the rifle as a single assembly. This is possible because the screws for the MPK2 start from the inside of the receiver into the threaded rail.

Once the mount is on there, you will not be able to remove it without removing the rail from the rifle. The upside of using the BP-01 is that, being a high-rise mount, you can field strip the rifle for cleaning without removing the mount from the rifle. It will allow you plenty of room for cleaning while in place in my opinion.

Another potential downside (depending on how you feel about it), is that your cheek weld is going to become a chin weld because of the height of the BP-01. Be sure to get the lowest scope rings you can find.

Another possible combination is a MPK2 rail and a POSP 4x24 like this here: Link. The scope is offset to the left approximately 1" when mounted, allowing you full use of your irons while in place. I have this scope on one of my Yugo M70s and I like it a lot. Just throwing that out there as another possibility for you.
Link Posted: 3/29/2009 7:53:26 PM EDT
LIQUID METAL,Thanks for the reply. I am going to go ahead with the hi mount side rail and use the procedure you suggested. I think the mfng. said that there would be aprox. 20mm height between the iron sights and scope(occular size ? ) . My reason for not using the offset mount is because I`ve been blind in my right eye since 12 yrs. of age,had the same issue when I wanted to scope my M1 Garand. I`m fairly sure that I can improvise some sort of " chin rest" once everythings in place. I can still shoot well with apertures & buckhorns out to about 100 yds. ,but after that my 56 yrs. of age eyesight wrecks havoc. Thanks again for your time & effort to assist. sincerely, Bill
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