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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 9/19/2005 11:39:02 AM EDT
We were talking about building uzi's on arfcom a few days ago. So, I am reading up on uzis here files.uzitalk.com/reference/pages/norinco.htm

after going into great detail about how "inferior" the norinco is to a genuine IMI (bow down and worship) They then go on to say "you can't put a folder on a norinco" even after you put enough USA parts on it to be 922 compiant.

We all know this is BS, since once you put enough USA parts on it, 922 does not matter, and in the USA, we can have USA made "non-sporting arms"

There appears to be rampant descrimination against norinco uzis, which despite all the "flaws" that they list, are actually just as well built. seems like uzi snobs are jaded. They gripe about things like "you can more easily see the spot welds on the sight guard, or "there are sharp edges UNDERNEAR the grips, visible when you take the grip off, PROOF of the obviously inferior workmanship"

I go on to quote "and the final insult, a MADE IN CHINA sticker on the buttstock"

I say that last one is PROOF that they are jaded gun snobs who are making this stuff up as they go, just cause they are pissed at china for "stealing" the uzi design (the norinco uzi's are an unliscenced copy)

what a bunch of gun snobs. they are so jaded, they will make up stuff just to whine about!
Link Posted: 9/19/2005 11:49:41 AM EDT
Link Posted: 9/19/2005 12:01:51 PM EDT
Maybe they meant "can't put it on" as in "won't fit"?
Link Posted: 9/19/2005 12:01:53 PM EDT
+1 on Aimless, there are 2 forums that I go to EVERYDAY, arfcom and uzitalk. If I cannot find an answer there or here, I don't need to be asking the question. If you want to talk snobs, go to some other boards that ban people becuase they tell the truth about some parts suppliers (JKF). Uzitalk and ARFcom are some of the best boards I have ever found, however, if you don't like Uzitalk, don't go there, change the channel.

As far as the norinco UZI, if you have one that is great, enjoy it. Many have tried them and were disappointed with them. You will find the same argument over Colt, Non-colt with ar's, or Bushmaster, or whatever over here. If you have the heart, and money to care what is on the side of YOUR gun, and YOU care what others think then by all meens, follow the herd. YOU do what YOU want, and let THEM do what THEY want, if WE could all do that, the U.S. would be much better.

Siagaswithcher here on ar15
the brass man on uzitalk

Last note, COOKIE ROCKS!!!
Link Posted: 9/19/2005 3:50:29 PM EDT
And there are a lot of rail whores on the light side of arfcom... That is why I post on DARK SIDE THE POWER!!! BUT, despite our differences..., the POINT was, the author is obviously biased against norincos, and is allowing this to cloud his otherwise good judgement and interpertation of the LAW...

and is posting this BS on a "well respected" forum.

If I am wrong about the law (and I do not believe that I am) I welcome you to post the relevant script... but as far as I can tell, this guy is full of 5#14 and is misleading as to the LAW.. becasue of his person bias.

I have said my piece and counted to three.

P.S. (not trying to start a flame war) this is an important legal issue.

Link Posted: 9/20/2005 5:17:08 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/20/2005 5:20:06 AM EDT by SUKA]
Well I have six Uzi (semi).

By far the Norinco functions just as good as an IMI, Group, Vector, FN and S. Africa, also made clones. However, Norinco's do tend to be a bit rough to operate and slightly less in craftmanship. Norinco made a few thousand for export and domestic military by hand on crude machines. (not under contract). IMI Uzi's were made to IDF military spec and each one is exactly the same as any others on the production line. They had very high quality control at the state run factories. Nearly hundreds of thousands of IMI Uzi was produced (parts and complete guns).

Group Ind. made 97 complete Uzi semi. These were also not nearely as well made as the Israeli examples. These were also hand assembled in the last days before Bankruptcy.

Vector although makes them domesticlly and very good , uses skills and technology passed on by Group manfc't process for small scale commercial production ( hand assembled, etc)
IMI can crack out several hundred UZI in a day if production was started tomorrow, each one exactlly the same with automated machines.

With enough USA parts, the Norinco Uzi can be configured with a folding stock and the welds on the barrel nut cut off.

Link Posted: 9/20/2005 5:28:12 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/20/2005 5:48:27 AM EDT by Rover1]
The article referred to in this thread was written before the end of the AWB and the part about the folding stock is now out of date. My fault and I'll update it soon.

As for our members being jaded, I think that would be a hard claim to support if you spent any time reading the material there. Our reference material convers any brand of UZI plus all original and aftermarket parts we get info on. The discussion board is frequented by owners of all brands.

No one trash talks the Norinco on our site, but that doesn't change the fact that they are lower quality than an IMI, FN, South African, Vector or Group Industries gun. At the right price they are a good alternative for a cheap shooter, but it would be misleading to say the quality compares to any other UZI. Just a fact, not a judgement. Anyone shopping for an UZI deserves that feedback.

The original walnut prototype thumbhole stock that was done to meet import restrictions was a thing of beauty. The Chinese version of that stock left a lot to be desired. The "Made in China" label stuck to the buttstock just added insult to injury.

Please stop by and ask any UZI questions you'd like answered.

UZI Talk moderator
Link Posted: 9/20/2005 5:37:44 AM EDT

Originally Posted By santanatwo:
... They then go on to say "you can't put a folder on a norinco" even after you put enough USA parts on it to be 922 compiant.

We all know this is BS, since once you put enough USA parts on it, 922 does not matter, and in the USA, we can have USA made "non-sporting arms"

did it occur that the review was written before the crime bill had expired and the author forgot to update the info? Did you e-mail the webmaster with this correction? If you did not contact the webmaster or start a discussion on Uzitalk regarding the mistake, I'm not sure why you started this discussion on Arfcom?

Did you read this article on converting the Norinco 320? If not, click on the following link: files.uzitalk.com/reference/pages/norincoconvert.htm My review was written before the crime bill had expired, but I addressed the folding stock issue in paragraph 3. You will also see that the Norinco 320 was spoken of favorably.

Use the search function on Uzitalk and you will see issues with the Norinco. But, most comments lean towards the Norinco being a good shooter once any problems have been fixed.

Again, did you e-mail the webmaster with your question on the folding stock?

Link Posted: 9/20/2005 6:12:06 AM EDT
I like the guys over there.... I also love my UZI!

We would likewise give you a hard time if you liked the mini-14 and compared it to the M-16 or if we more directly compare an EA J-15 cast AR-15 lower to a nice forged Colt receiver...

Just because something isn't as good doesn't mean it will not work... Just because I may point out that something is less desireable doesn't mean I am a snob...

So, do you have a Norinco... do you like it?

I considered buying a semi uzi but the darned long ass barrel looks funny so I will stick to my Full Auto Vector... does that qualify me as a snob
Link Posted: 9/20/2005 10:13:43 AM EDT
thank you guys, I guess I have to appologize. oops... sorry

It DID occure to me that it could have been written before the ban expired, however, I also figured if it was, it would have been updated (over a year has passed) also the awb was never specificaly mentioned in the article.

and with the obviouse bias against norinco I though... anyways... well... I'm glad this is settled then

me personaly, I have inspected a few norinco uzis and I never really noticed anything "flawed" or inferior about them. And the chinese are known (over here on the darkside) for making some of the best assault rifles. In fact, China will be supplying Iraq with their new AK47s.

despite the junk they sell to wal-mart, their weapons are made to function.

Link Posted: 9/20/2005 11:17:21 AM EDT
Aside from a horrible finish, I've had several dealings with norinco 320's. All have been pleasent. Mine is a great shooter, both in terms of accuracy and reliability.

Making a 320 922r compliant and putting a folder on is easy and strait forward. Uzitalk is a great site, and the ultimate Uzi knowledge site.
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