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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 8/29/2002 7:46:30 AM EST
Link Posted: 8/30/2002 12:08:36 PM EST
Info I copied about the tools.

The first set of kits will include:
PRESS PLATE from installing barrel components
SUPPORT for pressing trunion onto barrel
BRASS PIECE to help press barrel, for proper headspace adjustment

Cost is $60.00 each and 10% ($6.00 per sale) will be donated to Gunsnet to help support the website. This is James' way of showing his appreciation for the encouragement, help and information provided by all of you.

Constructed from aluminum plate, it measures approximately 1.5" thick by 4.75" square with a hole bored through the center. One side is used to support the barrel for pressing the trunion. It also supports the hinge block or rear sight base, as per the rifles design, for pressing onto the barrel.
The other side of the plate is used to install the gas block/front sight on BULGARIAN TYPE KRINKOVS(1). The non-threaded portion of the front site fits into it so the barrel can be pressed on. It is also used with the Brass Piece, please see description below.

This is an aluminum block that goes between the hydraulic press ram and the trunion.

These are constructed from unfired 5.45 X 39 m/m cases. After the slug is pulled and the powder removed from the case, it is measured with a height gauge in a "known good" barrel. The primer is then removed and the cases are machined on a lathe using a custom made 5-C collet. Once the extractor lip is removed and a hole has been bored throught the center of the case head, a steel plug is inserted. The case is filled with an epoxy resin to hold the plug in place. Now the case it returned to the lathe and the plug is machined down to the proper length for "go"/"no-go" specifications.(2)

For lack of a better name. This fits through the rear of the trunion and has a shoulder cut on it to match the breech face of the barrel. It is used in conjunction with the aluminum Press Plate to move the barrel forward in the trunion, in the event the barrel is pressed in too far. This is to adjust an inadiquate headspace condition prior to pinning the barrel.

James regrets to inform his friends here that he will not be able to take any further orders until the present ones have been filled. There is very little time before school starts and he is working diligently to have your tool kits ready as soon as possible.

However... he has saved a considerable sum of money this summer and convinced me to convert one side of the garage into a machine shop. He should be set up and running within the next two months and be ready to take on more orders (providing he maintains a satisfactory GPA, Hoploholic).
Future projects will include:
Fixture for removing barrel from a riveted receiver/trunion.
Fixture for installing barrel into a rivited receiver/trunion.
Fixture for riveting front and rear trunions to receiver.

If there are any questions, I will do my best to answer in a timely manner (my son and brother are only a phone call away )

When your kit is ready to ship, you will be contacted via PM.
Thank you all very much,
Matt "PapaNobeard"

1)These plates and tools are based on the Bulgarian parts kits as sold by Chief Thunder. If you have a different type kit, please send James a private message with the design, model and country of origin. He may need additional information concerning specific dimensions and will contact you via pm or e-mail. If you are one of the 23 persons on the current list, your kit will be completed in this production run.

2)This procedure for manufacturing headspace gauges was taught to us by our father, an avid shooter and accomplished (amateur) gunsmith in his own right. He learned of this process from a professional gunsmith and life-long friend he met while serving in the Army. At the end of W.W.2, this gunsmith was transfered to a "research and development" section of Army Ordenance and worked with captured and/or foreign weapons. In many instances there were no headspace gauges or spare parts available, only a single example of a new or unique weapon and very limited ammunition. Necessity was the mother of invention and served him quite well.
Both my father and brother have used this method with complete success, and my son used it to build his Krinkov. Though is may seem rather crude, it works quite well.
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