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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 12/20/2002 9:57:17 AM EST
how accurate is the sks?
what makes the sks worth buying?
do i want an sks?
if i found one for a really good price, would it be worth buying even if i had to replace any parts.?
can anyone help.
i am thinking about it but dont want to make a bad purchase.
Link Posted: 12/20/2002 10:03:36 AM EST
then the next question is ? is 200 to much to pay for one ?
Link Posted: 12/20/2002 10:15:44 AM EST
Between 3-5" MOA at 100m. I've seen worse and better, but most fall between 3-5" at 100m

The Siminov is as much a symbol and a historical note as the AK. Its also simple, tough, reliable, has a million and one mod options and is a little more comfortable for those of us over 5'10" to shoulder than the average AK.

Yes, my sister has eight, one Chi-Com, two Yugo, two Albies, two Russkies,and a Chinese pre-ban Para w/AK mag conversion. Its the only rifle she'll currently buy. Only cleans the ones she has to, the rest of them are pretty dirty, and all of them work perfectly. An SKS can be made into a very nice hunting/brush if you have the desire.

A realy good price? Like under $100? Yes. Otherwise you can still get Romos and Yugos for around $150. Spare parts are common as dirt.

$200 is about average, nice pre-ban Chi-Coms go for as much as $275, and I nearly paid $375 for a beautiful Russian non-import at a show a while back. Around here Yugos with the GL generaly go for about $199.99.
Link Posted: 12/20/2002 10:21:06 AM EST
Look in SGN. There are lots of 'em for less, although I can't address the quality of 'em.
Link Posted: 12/20/2002 10:23:57 AM EST
they are not tack drivers, most i have shot would hold a 2moa group or so, but are worth the money.

reliable, and tough. Not to mention cheap to shoot. Everyone should own at least 1.

Link Posted: 12/20/2002 10:36:58 AM EST
what may i ask is ( SGN )?
Link Posted: 12/20/2002 1:00:18 PM EST
SGN is SHotgun News, a trade publication available at many bookstores such as Barnes and nobel in their magazine or periodicals section. It lists dealer prices from distributors Many of the distributors will allow you to buy then ship to your local dealer who will add on his fee for the transfer. Most dealers will only do this on items they do not regularly stock.

As to the SKS it is a must have rifle. Fun to shoot practically accurate, 3" or so at 100 yards with cheap ammo. It is also probably the best $$$ value in a true semi auto battle rifle and is a nice historical piece. I recently paid $89 for a yugo. Currently hrrp://www.aimsurplus.com has their shooter grade for about $110. These are not brand new, but in great condition. On a value note I paid $75 for a chinese sks in about 1990. They currently sell in the $250 range, so not a bad investment. Get one, they are great fun and a living usable piece of history.
Link Posted: 12/20/2002 1:52:33 PM EST
I picked up a yugo at a gun show for $140. I can shoot about 4-5 inch groups at 100 yards with it. Looks strong enough to use as a bumper jack. Seams reliable. Its cheep to feed and accessorize. I plan on assembling a stable of SKS's to have hand out for all my friends with out long arms if there is ever a need.
Link Posted: 12/21/2002 4:50:34 AM EST
the first gun i ever owned was a sks. i bought one when i was 18 for $75. i did a stupid thing and sold it a couple of years ago for $150, made a profit but it wasn't worth it 'cause i'm looking to buy another one now. i have since owned and shot "better" and more expensive guns than the sks, but for value, reliability, and just plain fun to make noise with, you can not do better than a sks.

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