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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 6/24/2003 5:10:29 PM EDT
will i shot my ak47 today for the first time. i thought i had bought the sar 1 model but when i got out to my property to shoot i got to looking at the gun and it had WASR10 ON THE SIDE !!!!. I SAID OH SHIT I HAVE SPENT A MONTH ASKING ALL OF THESE QUESTIONS ON AR15.COM AND STILL BOUGHT THE WRONG GUN !!!!! I CAN NOT BELIVE IT !!!!. I BOUGHT A 40 SHOT CLIP AT THE DEALER AND FILLED IP UP AND STUCK IN THE GUN AND IT WORKS GREAT. SO I DONT KNOW WHAT THE DEAL IS WITH THIS GUN? i thought the wasr-10 only shoots the 10 shot clips ? but this one shot the 40 shot clip perfect ? not dealers fault, he thought it was as sar1 too. i dont know if some one converted it to shoot a big clip ? i dont know that much about them. what do you guys think ?. maybe they shoot all kinds of clips. i could take it back but i would look real dumb. ha ha. paid 300.00 so paid a little to much for it but shoots 4 inch groups,site is canted,i will fix that. i am also going to put a scope on it this weekend. but other than that i do like the gun. one question i do have to bring safty lanch down about 1/8 inch when i pull the bolt back to get a shell to go in. is this ok or do i need to make a ajustment ? thanks. marty
Link Posted: 6/24/2003 5:47:26 PM EDT
A lot of the WASR10's were converted to accept hi-cap mags by the importer, I see these all the time IMO other than the mag well being smaller on the WASR I think there was no difference in the gun.....

Correct me if I'm wrong Campy?
Link Posted: 6/24/2003 7:42:05 PM EDT
If it runs double stack/hi cap mags, it was modified, and if it runs well then it is likely done well. If you get 4" 100 yd groups on stock irons, then keep it (I need a scope/rest to do that with my SAR1). Safety seems to need a bit of filing, and another person can type you thru it.
If you have scope questions, let us know what kind of shooting you plan on and we can steer from there.
Link Posted: 6/24/2003 7:56:57 PM EDT
I'd bitch like there was no tomorrow, IF it was written up/ sold as a SAR-1.

the freakin model type is stamped on the side, is it not?

This is not the first time someone has gotten a WASR when they were expecting a SAR.

Link Posted: 6/25/2003 7:49:11 AM EDT
will it was my really 99 % my fault. and i picked up the gun and looked at it. it does say right on it wasr-10 but you can hardley read it. and i really think the dealer thought it was a sar 1. the dealer is retireing so just one of those things. he gave me a good buy on the ammo. 2000s round for 160.00 with the tax. so i really hate to make waves. so guys just look at the real fine etching when you buy one of these guns. they sure look all the same. it could have been worse, it could not have been modified for the big clips and the wood is nice. ha ha. marty
Link Posted: 6/25/2003 11:38:17 AM EDT
Congrads on your rifle. I don't think there no difference in the SAR 1 and WASR 10 other than the capicty .But like already said there was some converted.Looks like you got a good one. Alittle cant isn't a big deal if you can get your Zero with your sight IMO.Have fun bro, WarDawg
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