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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 8/1/2005 2:59:13 PM EDT
I have a set of Romanian rivets that I want to use to build a rifle from the kit I bought. However the 4front rivets are slightly larger than the holes in the front trunion. According to my Midway dial calipers the rivets measure .175 dia. while the holes are .165 or there abouts. Also they are tapered under the rivet head so I assume that they are swell head rivets. The 2 rivets that go into the rear holes of the front trunion are flat on the underside while the holes are countersunk. The front holes are not countersunk. Is this normal for the Romanian rivets? They came form K-Var.
I have set of US rivets made for an AK that I got from AK-builder. They fit into the holes with no problems. Also except for the 2 rivets for the rear holes in the front trunion, they are flat on the underside. Why the difference?
Also, are the US rivets equivalent to the Romanian rivets in strength? Somewhere I read that the US ones are not as good. Is this BS or what?
Concerning the Romanian rivets. I don't want to drill out the holes in the front trunion. It seems to me that the rivets should go into the holes without having to drive them in with a hammer. And that they should be flat on the bottom not beveled. But since I am new to this riveting thing I could be all wet. Wouldn't be the first time. So...what to do?
Link Posted: 8/1/2005 8:04:37 PM EDT
Here are some diagrams showing the specs on the rivets.

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