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Posted: 10/27/2004 5:41:22 PM EDT
I am new to the AK world, and need help with first rifle. I have looked at all the post's, and need help deciding. Which veriant's are the better ones and which ones do I want to stay away from? Are the Russian, Chinese, or Romies the better one? Atlantic Firearms has a AK47, RF109 based on a Romanian with upgraded crome lined barrel, muzzel brake for $439. Would this be a good starter rifle, and is the price fair? All and any in put would be greatly appreciated!! Is the AK (7.62) any good for hunting, I have heard guys talk about it, but was wanting more in put on the subject. Thanks for the help guys

Link Posted: 10/27/2004 9:28:47 PM EDT
As a good rule, all the stamped 1mm AK's out there, except Hesse/Vulcan, will shoot the same in reliability and accuracy. The main difference between a cheap, parkerized Romanian ($275) and a nice Polish build from Vector ($450) is fit and finish.

The model you list from Atlantic is a bit overprices IMO, for what you get. All AK's come with a chrome lined barrel standard. It's not an upgrade as they claim. A Romanian SAR or WASR hi-cap would be a good starter rifle since it is cheap and reliable.

As for hunting, the accuracy limitations of the AK keep deer hunting to within 200 yards. The cartridge is the same as the 30-30 and with soft points will perform well.


Link Posted: 10/28/2004 3:28:37 AM EDT
Link Posted: 10/28/2004 5:07:53 AM EDT
Link Posted: 10/28/2004 2:41:34 PM EDT
Thanks for the info guys, it is much appreciated!

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