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Posted: 11/1/2009 10:37:26 AM EST
i love the traditional aK look.i like the wood and did not want to replace it with a front handguard type rail for sights, but i wanted something low so i could get a decent cheek weld..what to do?...i tried EVERYTHING..finally had my gunsmith put on a side rail clamp and i modified the ol' BP-02 and went with the aimpoint micro..for me..it's perfect!!!..Now how to affix a sling to a weapon thats right handed friendly, with out drilling any holes in the beautiful wood as ive seen done?..take a trip to blue force gear..this works perfectly up front

this is for the buttstock( don't laugh at the red zip tie..its all i had for now to take up the extra webbing)

here it is high and tight to my body

with a little tug on the string...

perfect shooting posistion!!! and very comfortable to hike around in all day thanks to this padded vickers sling
Link Posted: 11/1/2009 1:03:24 PM EST
Superb job.
Excellent selection of options for a beautiful rifle.
A rifle isn't "finished" untill you have a proper useable sling setup on it.
But when you do, it always becomes your "favroite" of the bunch.
I have spent a lot of time over the years dealing with the fact that the "market" hasn't ever been very lefty friendly.
Previously I usually installed an "ambi" type of sling setup on AKs, where the sling would be mounted from the bottom of the stock, and a sling swivel mounted to the lower forward handguard. This always worked well because in "patrol carry" the mag kept the rifle from flopping over.
You should add this rifle/post to the tacked "left handed" thread above. (I need to fix the photo links in it for my rifles).

I've had a couple of friends duplicate the low mount BP02 mods on their rifles.
T-1 on a gas tube rail may be the ultimate optic solution for an AK, but an Aimpoint on a low mount works extremely well, particularly if you don't like your sight picture cluttered up by irons.
I actually shoot my A1R better with the Aimpoint ML2 on the low BP02 mount than with the T-1 mouned anywhere.
But on the M-92 Krink, the T-1 is better with a forward or receiver mount.
Link Posted: 11/3/2009 2:29:30 PM EST
Nice set up. I shoot lefty too but have simply been using the standard AK sling and putting up with it.

Could you describe which components you are using? I went to the Blue Force gear web site but had a tough time finding your rig...
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