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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 10/15/2003 9:56:26 PM EST
hey folks,

i have a complete mak90, aka asianthug47, and i absolutely love it. i play with it every day. this is one of the best thing i spent money on.

i bought a part kit from centerfiresystem.com in hope that i'll be able to use it now and save the original parts for later when i decide to hang this wall over the the fireplace as a trophy.

i have to say that i am very disappointed with the part kit from centerfiresystem. although listed as brand new, the part kit is very old and has rusts in many area along with very noticeable scratch. the barrel doesn't look like my asianthug47 barrel at all, it looks as if it belong on a early sar1 and has been cut 0.25 inch due to poor crowning. i can't even see the crown and the chrome line section is supremly thin even though the rifling is very deep.

i am trying to install this new part kit on my gun to test fire it. if it shoot ok, i may keep it after making centerfire system give me a deep discount due to false advertisment, which is a crime by the way.

i can't find any help online. i hope some of the veterans and the wise here can help.

thanks in advance.
Link Posted: 10/16/2003 2:41:32 AM EST
Link Posted: 10/17/2003 4:20:44 PM EST
i returned it today. i will go to the richmond gun show to look for a black polymer furniture along with firing pin and trigger. it is good to have spare parts since they will be heavily regulated in a year or so. i saw the proposal gun law on nra site (i am a life time member) and it doesn't look good at all. i want a barrel too, but it will be a hard item to get.
Link Posted: 10/19/2003 4:29:49 PM EST
I would not get a centerfire mak90 kit.
everyone I saw was incomplete and had rust on them.

If you think you will need some chinese spart parts buy some from polytechparts.com
I think that is the place.
Truthfull the mak90 can be shot 10k rounds or more with out any problems.
Link Posted: 10/20/2003 9:41:35 PM EST
i got my used. i am sure it has seen about 2 to 3 thousands before i bought it. everything is as good as new. i put a few thousands rounds through it myself. i take good care of my guns with tetra grease, hoppe #9, mobil 1 synthetic, and some free sample of militec-1.

i just need a part kit for spare since i actually like to keep this gun for a very long time. i am sure the damn ban will expire and the moment it does, i'll put a folder on it. i want to have spare parts just because i know there will be stricter law a year or so after the brady bunch expiration. i have seen the proposal for the new ban law, and it does not look pretty. part kits will require background check too. in addition, backdoor background check would be set in place, so anyone buying a kit will be check if they actually own a gun or not. criminal charges will be handed out to folks buying part kits without the history of owning the gun. it is draconianism if you ask me.

i returned the kit already. they gave me the shipping cost back too. i only lost 9 bucks of shipping it back to them. they do stand by their product. it is just too bad that they falsely advertise their product. my gun is 1994 and it still look much better than that part kit. i wonder how i can check when the gun is made. i know it is 1994 because of the year on it, but i want to know what month. i may have a pre-ban in hand without knowing. i want a folder on it since i saw one costing past 2000 bucks with a folder. i am american and i think i should be able to do whatever i want to something i bought with my hard-earned moeney; especially when i paid the damn tax on that purchase. i am telling you; we should not have to pay for gun purchase tax since it is taxation without representation.
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