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Posted: 2/13/2006 5:42:59 PM EDT
i got my m70ab2 today - reciever says century international arms inc/ dc industries inc.  I have some comments about it and some questions for you folk.

it seems like it was built from a bucket of parts, none of the numbers match (like on the bolt & bolt carrier).  is this common for these builds?  should i be concerned about headspace?  both top & bottom handgaurds jiggle side to side, gas tube looks beat up (finish is almost gone) and has some play forward & back.  wood quality is comparable to my wasr10.  

the folder works well, some yugo soldier's name is carved on the pistol grip.  flip up night sights are pretty cool but they are dead.  is there anyone selling replacement night sights?

top cover was a bit tricky to get on until i figured out that i should push the button to lock the spring after the cover is on top.  the slant break seems to be stuck on.  how can you tell if it is a new usa barrel or an old one?  

I'm not an ak47 expert and don't have a camera to take pics to show you, but overall it seems like an underfolding wasr10 to me.  I'll shoot it later this week.

Link Posted: 2/13/2006 5:57:18 PM EDT
whered you purchase it from?
Link Posted: 2/13/2006 6:30:20 PM EDT
Real yugo barrell is NOT chrome lined. New USA barrell IS chrome lined. If you have an excellent real yugo barrell they are more accurate.

As for the loose parts, that is just an example of a shitty build. You dont want it to tight though.
check and see if your gas tube will come off easy. If it does, thats a good thing. Matching parts are just the risk you take with a kit build. Things tend to be out of spec.

If you want quality, buy Arsenal inc, Polytech , Norinco or anyother pre 89 AK.
Link Posted: 2/13/2006 7:16:37 PM EDT
Non-Numbers matching is NOT  a sign of a shitty build.
Why would a builder pay extra for #'s matching if they are going to replace the barrel???
The purpose of #'s matching is to help a home builder be sure that the head spacing is right.
That goes out the window when you replace the barrel.

tangoo, All the Century guns have new, US made, NON-Chrome Lined Bore barrels.
The slant break is probably pinned on to save the builder money, by recycling the original Yugo one and pinning it, they don't have to buy a USA made one to be 922r compliant, and they can sell the guns in states like New York (IIRC) that ban "Muzzle Attachments"().

No one is selling nite sights for the Yugo, see a gunsmith about putting them in for you.

The gun was made from a bucket of parts.
Word is that about 30%-40% of the Yugo kits that Century shipped in were un-useable for one reason or another, mostly trashed barrels though.
So they were stripped, all useable parts saved and then put back together as the gun you bought.

Don't think this is too bad. This has been done to many military guns.
If it had been done at a Government Arsenal, it would be called "Arsenal Rebuilt" by collectors.
Link Posted: 2/14/2006 2:04:35 AM EDT
You do have a good rifle, some come out with new to like new handguards and some come cosmo soaked like mine was.  I just refinished them and moved on.  It is a Military weapon put together from parts as others have stated here but that is one of the beauty's of an AK, the parts from one fit another.  These are very unique compared to an other AK.  Parts that fit these don't fit other AK's except other M70's.  

My top handguard/gas tube was loose too.  Just take it to a vise and squeeze gently on the open end to squash it just a bit from round, then it'll fit on tighter and generally the grenade sight helps hold it tightly too when it's closed down.  On the bottom one, shim it with some thin hard rubber/metal in places that need tightening.  Loose stuff like this is normal sometimes, no biggy really.

Don't worry about headspace, it's fine.  Night sights can be painted over with more modern glow in the dark paint that goes on almost clear but shines when activated.  About $10 a small bottle.  New USA made Yugo grips can be had for $10 plus shipping if you want to replace that grip.  AK SAW grip can be made to fit also with just a little dremel tool work, looks good, fits the hand better too.

How did you do the "blueing"?  From what we can see it looks real good!  You are going to love the way it feels when shooting it!  To me it feels even better than a "milled" AK as they have small barrels still whereas this barrel is massive compared to those.  If  you do not like it I am sure we could find a buyer this morning for it!  Every one of them they make is sold before it even gets to the dealer!
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