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9/19/2017 7:27:10 PM
Posted: 8/8/2003 5:53:42 AM EDT
Saw the post about dealers and thought I would add what I did at last weekends gunshow. I was looking for nick nacks ( stuff ). I saw some USGI Bore Cleaner 2 oz bottles for $1 . The guy had 10 ea of them.The bottles was kinda oily. I went to the next table over to a different vendor and was looking at his stuff. He had a bunch of the same USGI Bore Cleaner but the bottles was all clean a sparkling brand new looking. No price on them . I asked how much? He says $2 a bottle.I said will you take a $1 . Nope he says. I tell him Im about to help your sells out. He just looks puzzeled. I walk over to the other vendor with the oily bottles and bough all 10 of them. The $2 vendor saw what I did and when I walked back to his table and looking at his other stuff, he asks how does that help my sells? I said because I just bought all of his $1 bottles.Now people will have to pay $2 for yours. He kinda looked pissed for a split second but his wife got to laughing real loud at him over what I said and he finally chuckeled him self. I bought some CLP in the small bottle from him.Had fun....WD
Link Posted: 8/8/2003 7:02:35 AM EDT
Thats a good one.

I was looking at an Austrian M95 carbine once, and the dealer yelled "hey kid, get away from that, it is a rare collectors rifle" (I was 27 years old)

I went back to the table that had a badly rusted leg, gathered up as much rust as I could, went back to his table, asked really humbly to look at the rifle again, I tilted the rifle up (barrel down) and dropped the pile of rust to make it look like it came out of the rifle. I made a HUGE deal about him trying to rip everyone off with rusty rifles.

He was so pissed he tried to have me thrown out of the show. It was so funny, the more he screamed, the more people left. I don't think he sold another gun all day.

The next day I told him that if he wouldn't have been an ass I wouldn't have ruined his weekend. He has been a very nice dealer ever since then.
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